Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Langkawi - part ONE

View at Bonton restaurant

Bonton Restaurant resort

Laman Padi

Westin Resort & Spa

Certain things happen life is hard to explain... then don't explain. Only ponder and reflect...
I realised that I have not been able to meet quota to post at least 4 entries/month for this month. It is not too bad if I just post some collection of pics from my resent rendavous in Langkawi right after raya.
Oct 30, 2008
1:30 am

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Been away...

It was almost a month since my last entry. After Raya was really jump right back to hectic office life with critical meeting to attend to and spend weekend after raya in Langkawi. Not for holiday but part of organising the international forum cum presenting project proposal for collaboration with other companies... Alhamdullilah everything went well and the beyond expectation as been said by our bos.... But the post forum tiredness tooks several days to recover.

Much to share about interesting outing during forum and nice pics to share. I have not downloaded the pics. Will do.

Life without maid is very pleasant and peaceful but very tiring for big man and I. So far, we have not make any effort to get new one as we need to gauge if we can stand without having one.

Will be back..

4:04 am
Oct 22, 2008