Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As a result of jetlag...

Again... offlate travelling to different time zone is no more something that I can cope well. After 3 nights here, I am still waking -up at 2 or 3 am. No matter how hard trying to close my eyes... it is quite challenging to able to do so..hence the result is this entry.

Must be we get older everything seems to slow down. Must accept that fact. Fact of life....Nevertheless, the best is we could still maintain fit at where we are.... avoiding hypokinetic diseases if possible.

Since I was here, my fellow colleagues was so excited to see me and so do I. It bring back those memories of lonely life and life as a student in search of answer on some unanswered questions. Mind challenging, frustration, failures until there is some light seems to appear at the end of the tunnel.

There is no sense of giving up even if we must rest and pause for a while. Moments of detachment from worldly life is so much felt running through soul, mind and body. A humble feeling of so little that we know about many things. Only to HIM we surrender.

As a result of jetlag...

5.45 am (UK time)
25 Feb 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On the jet plane again..

This weekend I will be on the jet plane again.... to the land where I was there once a upon a time...

No, it will not be as warm as in the pictures above...but let's imagine it is warm as that pictures..

Anggerik merah

Feb 18, 2009

6:09 am

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A home

I drove into that area and parked my car in front of it. I sat back and look at it. My imagination went wild as I started to see that home is a complete home already. A home for our future retirement as we called it. A place we chose to be. A decision which we made as quick as our heart & mind decided to proceed.

A home, not only for our little family but also, I imagine both my parents and in-law will find a place for them when they need their child to take care of them. A place for all my relative to lepak-lepak, have BBQ during weekend away from hectic town life. A place for the little one to run around and bergasak within the compound. Although it is not a big home...but it will be a home with full of rainbows and life. That far my imagination went as I look at that home while in my car. A place I call "a home".

This morning, I woke up early after a quite hectic weekdays with travel and also many-many meeting, all of it full of challenges and I did too much of talking. Hence my level of excitement and anxiety went sky up.... I ended up too exhausted, can't sleep well at nite also. Preparing for overseas travel which lining up soon is also drain some energy out of me.

So, last nite was a nite which I drop dead on bed not knowing what was happening. It is good that I woke up feeling very fresh this morning and ready for my routine 10 km cycling..ala ala Le tour de Langkawi (again my wild imagination...). I asked big man to come with me. He responded..." I can't sleep last snorred and it was very loud, so I need to sleep now"... Oh dear... I thought I slept peacefully...Age catching up???...or something seriously wrong with my nose and air passage...

Big man just woke up, and he gave me a sweet kiss on lip... :-)

Have a nice weekend uol

"Love is in the air".... it should be everyday...not just today!

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February 14, 2009
9:00 AM

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life is too short... Innallilllah

While having dinner and resting at home at about 8:30 pm, my mother called me to inform that one of our relatives passed away in a hit and run accident in Gombak. Innallillah to Nor Azrin, semuga rohnya ditempatkan bersama orang-orang beriman.... a 29 year old father of two young children. He was riding motorbike and was hit by an uncontrollable lorry from behind, sudden death at location.

Big man , my cousin doctor and I went to forensic area of HKL to pay our respect. It was a shocked to everyone as no one expected such incident to happen. Life is too short and once He call us back, not even one minute delay.

Being there at the forensic area, reminded me the memory of over twenty years ago when Aruah and his other sibbling were really young. Their beloved mother passed away at also very young age after battling with brain tumor. I was still remember cuddling and helping aruah's other two young sibbling crying over the dead mother. Tonite as I cuddle aruah's sister again in the midth of her crying (she is now maybe about 28 year old), I wispered to her to accept and redha. All of us will eventually will leave this world.

I was made to understand aruah was on his way back from UIA when the accident happened. He is in his final semester for his bachelor degree.

Life is too short ...

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Feb 11, 2009
12:33 am

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kompang Orchestra

I was tossing myself in the bed. Obviously I can’t sleep. Rather than forcing myself to sleep, I jump-up from bed and blog. Now is 3:25 am. What was I thinking...well...all the work activities lining up for me with travelling again. This time it will be to some odd Mexico (which I boss had indicated to me today that I need to present smthg there), Mauritania (on a big ship?.... will be challenging one...). Never mind with what will be coming up next...

It was an exciting experience to learn new skill. Over the weekend, last Saturday and Sunday, about 130 of us were transported to Puteri Resort, Air Keroh Melaka for a company event called “Health program”. I must admit that most people were not keen of spending weekend away from family for work. But this compulsory event, there is no escape unless with a very good reason. What I said to myself was “I will enjoy the moment”. Although I know that through out the week I was a zombie like because of putting myself back on track for my “unfinished business”. It was a moment of lonely life, with me and my writing and my notebook. Jumping out of that moment into meeting big crowd definitely need quick adjustment. Anyway, I went with the flow of my body, mind and spirit.

Enjoy the moment was the motto…so indeed…. For that 2 days most of us learnt a new skill of playing kompang… rhythm of challenge is the key event when we had to compete among group for the winner. It is all about collection of individual skill, organization and team work united for one purpose.. to achieve high performance in delivering result. Never mind about the rational behind it… after being in the company for so long and exposed with so many team building activities etc etc…the intention behind all activities had come naturally. For the new comers in the company, this is one of the avenues for them to feel the unity as one organization. But…what really come to my mind was… dream come true. I had wished that one day I could have opportunity to join orchestra and play some musical instrument. Indeed, my wish comes true and I enjoy the moment of rhythm of kompang especially when all 130 of us join the effort to play combination of kompang, jadur and gong. It was really one big Kompang Orchestra.

As the event named is Health program, talk on hypokinetic disease, warming up and stretching, aerobic activity, health check and determine your physiological age were among activities installed for us. As usual I enjoyed the aerobic session especially the dancing part. And from physiological test, my body age is 12 years younger than my calendar age. Thats the advantage of God given petite size and some natural body mechanism to reject any food that the body cannot absorb in some ways..

Kompang Orchestra was my weekend activity…

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February 5, 2009
3:46 am