Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another year in life

Puisi Hidup
nukilan Nora Abdullah pada 23 Ogos 1987
(posted in Berita harian ruangan keluarga July 23, 2007)

Renungilah hidup sejauh mungkin,
Belajarlah untuk hidup sederhana,
Tuhan Maha Adil dan Penyayang,
Awasilah setiap langkah menuju masa depan,
Kasih sayang menyelinap di hati setiap insan,
Jangan lupa Tuhan anugerah perasaan.
Di mana hatimu tersimpan sedih,
Seksa yang kau rasakan ketika kecewa,
Kenal dan dekati Dia dalam kabus pagi,
Tadahi tanganmu langit,
Seketika kau rasai ketenangan...murni,
Dialah paling hampir...mengetahui segala rahsia,
Dinginnya air Titiwangsa, menghilangkan rasa dahaga,
Membaranya semangat di dada, biarlah kesucian membawa bahagia.

Another year in life...
Let it be as pure and clean as a white cloth...
Happy b'day your's truly.................

Anggerik Merah
July 23, 2007

Pictures above: Shangrila Putrajaya

"Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds"
- Orison Swett Marden, Writer-

Friday, July 20, 2007

Learning to walk again..

Almost 2 months ago, I had sprained my anckle. I did what I need to do to reduce the imflammation using the deep heating rub and anckle support. My degree of tolerance for pain is quite high so that I managed to switch off my brain not to feel it. The pain went away and only once in a while it came back. With my excessive walking during weekend, I felt the intense pain again. Even using the foot massage does not help.

Today, I went to see specialist to know what happen to my anckle. The first thing the doctor scolded me for not coming earlier. I explained to him about my thinking that it will go away with the deep heating rub as advice by pharmacist. Physical examination done on my anckle suggested that I might torn two of my ligament. The xray was not very clear which suggested also might be the bone is off position and might be some small crack. But it is not certain. The doctor was only thinking about the need of operation. My eyes bulging out as I heard that. As a temporary measure, I have to wear the anckle brace and take medicine to reduce swelling for the next 2 weeks. Then my case will be re-examined. Hoping that things will improve with this temporary measure...

I am now learning to walk again.... This make me realise that my feet has been my valuable asset as I love to walk very fast. Movement inpired me and energised my brain. Now that I can't do that anymore for a time being (a temporarily OKU) blessed with what had given to me..Maybe a step by step footprint will make me feel more relax and enjoy the moment rather than impatiently running a thousand miles marathon most of the time.

Reflecting on learning to walk again...

July 20, 2007

Mila AF5 - Persis Mutiara
Lagu: AjaiLirik: Loloq (Luncai Emas Publishing Sdn Bhd)

Biar kau tunduk bisu
Aku tahu
Gelora hatimu
Engkau mahu
Aku lafazkan rindu

Biar kau hanya diam
Aku selam
Jiwamu terdalam
Perasaan cintamu yang kau pendam

Kata paling terindah
Tak mungkin bisa ucapkan
Hakikat rasa yang ku rasakan
Pabila ku renung ke matamu
Terlihat ku hatimu kasih
Persis mutiara

Sinarmu mendamaikan
Insan yang lelah mengembara
Tak terbilang kesan-kesan luka
Titis hujan airmata
Tenang sebentar pedih semula

Buatku rasa gentar
Membisikkan hasrat hati sebenar
Sekalipun engkau inginku lamar

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am up to...

I was drowning into learning something relatively new to me to come up with proposal. My target is to spend 3 months on this. Avoiding from late stay in the office which is not very favourable due to spooky thing even if my brain function the best at night.

Getting to know people around will take sometime as I need to find who will support me on the proposal. It is deem important to find the support otherwise the effort is worthless. Nevertheless, at least in this area that I am involved in it is already part of company Technology Agenda. Loads of meeting, talking, searching, interneting, reading and writing plus coaching too.

Weekend is time fully occupied with family, which we always have something plan for. We realise that we don't stay home much offlate. Our weekend is spent in the hotels most of the time. Dipping into swimming pool is a bliss.

I am making plan to go back to UK to settle my unfinished business there.

that is what I am up to...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When money is never enough

I was evaluating my paycheque and the commitment I had on using my paycheque. Funny that almost toward end of the month, I left with thin margin until another paycheque comes in.

What do I do with my money? Well…my outfit especially for office attire is most of them I can’t zip up. Seriously due to my horizontal expansion since I am back here. I spend quite a lot for new office attire. Never thought that I have to spend that much since most of my office attire was untouchable for almost 4 years. But the reality is that I have to start all over again from being a student with simple outfit back to corporate look attire. Not that I am complaining when thinking about how fortunate I am compared to others. Just that spending which I did not very much anticipate earlier.

It is quite expected to begin new life, to start all over again since most of the household was disposed 4 years ago. Being so particular about health, I spend quiet a lot for things such as RX water filter for healthier water consumption, Osim massage chair for massaging tired body, reasonably good mountain bike and accessories for maintaining stamina and cosmetic to fix my damage skin due to over stress during student days. Another necessities is new car loan payment, fuel cost with 100 km/day total distance travel to/fro office, toll, car wash etc etc.. All of these are a mix of must and need expenses. Of course all of this is after minus my personal commitment to family and investment. Of all this, I was reflecting how simple life was when I was a student and away from home country.

In my wish list, is to control my spending since I had what I need now, more savings and most importantly more “sedekah” to the needy. Insyaallah with Allah bless, I will work myself up with my innate talent, knowledge and skill to contribute more and also give away more.

This song by Ella really attract me...

Seumpama rama-rama…
terbang bebas diudara tanpa ada halangan
Aman damai…suka2
Riangria tanpa adarasa duka sengketa..rama2

Ekspresi dirimu menawan hatiku
Ingin aku terbang bersamamu
melihat karenah melihat telatah..
manusia yang sering telagah

Ekpedisi ini bagai tiada henti..
kan menjadi antologi diri..
Terhentilah mimpi terhapuslah sepi
Sanubari yang lebih berani

Terminal yang pasti satu fitrah hati
kerana yang sejati tiada gentar lagi
Terbanglah kesini mancari abadi
Terbanglah kemari mencari hakiki

Seumpama rama-rama
Melewati panorama yang penuh warna warni
Taman bunga taman damai
Dengan aksi lincah

berputik hidup yang harmoni

June 27, 2007