Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am up to...

I was drowning into learning something relatively new to me to come up with proposal. My target is to spend 3 months on this. Avoiding from late stay in the office which is not very favourable due to spooky thing even if my brain function the best at night.

Getting to know people around will take sometime as I need to find who will support me on the proposal. It is deem important to find the support otherwise the effort is worthless. Nevertheless, at least in this area that I am involved in it is already part of company Technology Agenda. Loads of meeting, talking, searching, interneting, reading and writing plus coaching too.

Weekend is time fully occupied with family, which we always have something plan for. We realise that we don't stay home much offlate. Our weekend is spent in the hotels most of the time. Dipping into swimming pool is a bliss.

I am making plan to go back to UK to settle my unfinished business there.

that is what I am up to...


k.d said...

Good luck Cik Anggerik.

Semoga balik dengan title Dr ye!

idham said...

:) anggerik....semoga semua nye mendapat seperti impian...

nanti ke UK tu...kalau ada masa pergi la jenguk2 kan itik2 tu ye...hehehehe

have a good one..!


anggerik merah said...


Insyaallah...tolong doakan.



Terima kasih..

Yes...sudah pasti..itik-itik tu akan dijenguk jugak.