Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Let's take a walk together near the ocean shore
hand in hand you and I
Let's cherish ev'ry moment we have been given
for time is passing by
I often pray before I lay down by your side
If you receive your calling before I awake
Could I make it through the night?

Cherish the love we have
we should cherish the life we live
Cherish the love
cherish the life
cherish the love

Cherish the love we have
for as long as we both shall live
Cherish the love
cherish the life
cherish the love.

The world is always changing nothing stays the same
But love was stand the test of time.
The next life that we live in remains to be seen
Will you be by my side?
I offen pray before I lay down by your side

Cherish the love we have
we should cherish the life we live - baby yeah -
Cherish the love
cherish the life - oh yeah -
cherish the love.

Cherish the love we have - while we're together -
For as long as we both shall live - will you love me -

Cherish the love
cherish the life
cherish the love.

Cherish the love
cherish the life.
Cherish the love we have
we should cherish the life we live
Cherish the love
cherish the life
cherish the love.

Cherish the love we have ev'ry night when I think about you
For as long as we both shall live
I pray that my dream will come true

Cherish the love
cherish the life -yes I do -
cherish the love

Cherish the love we have
We have cherished ev'ry moment we have together
We should cherish the life we live
hand in hand you and I

Cherish the love
cherish the life - baby - cherish the love.
Cherish the love we have
for as long as we both shall live
Cherish the love
cherish the life
cherish the love.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Thots of the day

The feeling of don’t feel like doing anything at all is kept on dragging me all the way. Being in the state of physically unfit due to flu and PMS, make the matter worst. After going with the flow for some moment and finally I said to myself “get a life”.

View from my bedroom window

Then I jumped out of my bed and drove to office. Although I am unproductive at work either but at least I keep myself within the work environment. I hate this kind of temporary habit (???.. I hope it won’t prolong for too long) but what can I do. Half of my energy is gone out of my body. All I can think of is switching my brain off and go to dreamland! This week my pilate session was postpone to next week. It has been a great help to me in term of being physically and mentally fit especially during this gloomy and cold weather.

It occur to me several time as I kept on talking to myself..I need to slow down, not to rush and stay calm all the time. It is a big challenge to me as I am a very active person. I need to keep myself with activities, to feel that I accomplish or finish something…sigh…But sometimes I didn’t realise or don’t want to realise that it could also do harm to myself.

My new white orchid blooming

Yes, baby I miss cuddling you at night and kissing your cheek and forehead. Watching you from far make me want to touch your soft young skin. I love to look at your big & beautiful eyes…I miss you baby....

Eyes of my lil man

My thots of the day..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

7 secrets of lucky people

1. Assume fate is on your side.
To cultivate the right attitude, you must believe good things happen to you all the time, not just rarely, says Martin Seligman, professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and author of Authentic Happiness.

If you perceive life's setbacks as business as usual, you will not bother behaving in positive ways that can change your situation.

On the other hand, "if you believe you are fortunate much of the time, you are likely to exhibit behaviour that makes people more responsive to you," explains Seligman.

2. Get an emotional grip.
Lucky thinking also arrests what David Lykken, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Minnesota, calls your "happiness thieves."

These luck-limiting emotions include shyness, anger and resentment, which he says; turn off people who otherwise would be willing to help you.

Getting these negative emotions under control will likely help you have a higher level of self-esteem, be more optimistic, and be slightly more extroverted.

"It is one thing to feel these negative emotions but another to show them," says Raymond DePaulo, chair of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and author of Understanding Depression. "If you recognise what triggers these emotions - recognise that you tend to get upset in these situations - you can take steps to defuse or overcome them before they are expressed."

3. Open your mind to opportunity.
You cannot predict what fate has in store for you. But you can improve your luck by training yourself to be more trusting of people and confident that positive outcomes will result from these encounters, says John Krumboltz, professor of education at Stanford University.

For example, we often resist sharing ideas at work with colleagues for fear they will steal them and we will not receive proper credit.

But in truth, people who are routinely share ideas are invited to participate in the critical meetings where opportunity abounds, because they are valued for their contributions. Besides, if you keep your great ideas locked up, that is exactly where they will stay.

4. Think of the world as yours.
You will not improve your luck sitting at home.

Embrace random events that happen to you and see their potential for improving your luck, says Krumboltz. He calls this technique "planned happenstance."

"Always keep your options open and be prepared to make mistakes," he says. "You get more in life when you are willing to learn than closing everything out."

5. Keep envy in check.
People who obsessively compare their lives with the lives of others often wind up feeling unlucky.

For example, obsessing over the good fortune of someone at work who got a big promotion or a friend who's dating a highly attractive mate can make you feel like a failure, warns Ellen Langer.

In reality, says Langer, none of these so-called strokes of good fortune guarantees happiness. Many promotions often lead to bigger headaches; and mismatched mates can lead to jealousy and other anxieties.

What looks ideal from the outside in reality may not be ideal for you.

Stay focused on your own goals and dreams.

6. Think like a "connector".
The more people you know and the more likable you are, the better your odds of becoming lucky. Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Bigger Difference, calls these types of people "connector."

Most connectors are lucky, he says, because they interact with large groups of powerful people who, in turn, share information and contacts just to stay in the loop.

Most of us find it hard to create casual bonds with acquaintances. Instead, we prefer to spend our spare time with close friends. But establishing and nurturing connector relationships need not be too demanding.

For example, just jotting off a birthday card or sending an e-mail with useful information can keep you connected.

"If you know many different types of people, you will hear about many more opportunities," says Gladwell. "Sociability, energy and openness breed luck."

7. Find an upside to everything.
To feel lucky, you need a positive view of the past, as well as an optimistic view of the present, says Matthew Smith, professor of psychology at Liverpool Hope University in England and co-author of a 1998 study on luck.

In the study, people who claimed to be lucky tended to remember more of the good things that happened to them in life and blocked out the bad.

When something bad happens to them now, Smith says, they compare the event with the worst that could have happened and realise they came out ahead.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

To be here or not to be here..

Conversation with my lil man this morning.

Me: What happen to our plan earlier. The plan for you to come back during school holiday?

Him: Yes, I want to go there.

Me: I have to let you know..One, cartoon cannel is very limited to 2 channels and nothing after 8 pm. Different from what we had earlier. Two, I am staying in a small flat, upstair and small place. Three, there is no playstation...

Him: It is ok I can bring my playstation.

Me: How are you going to bring here.

Him: I can put in the bag. Yes, I will bring it with me.

Me: Four, who is going to be with you when I am at school?

Him: How about kakak I?

Me: No, she cannot come here again. She will get stucked at immigration as before.

Him: Emmm...my other friends?

Me: Not sure if they are still here. They might have gone back to Msia at that time.

Him: But ...I can follow you to your office.

Me: You might get bored staying in my office doing nothing.

Him: I can bring my game boy and lower down the voice not to disturb anyone there..

Me: Are you sure you really want to spend your school holiday here?

Him: Yesss... very sure.

Me: How many percent sure are you?

Him: half a percent...erggg... I mean 50%.

Me: Ok then, give it some more time for you to think about it. 50% means yes and no...to be here or not to be here.. Good nite darling I love you..

Him: I love you tooo

Me: I miss you and sweet dream

Him: I miss you

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My everyday toy

In my pocket I can only find these sets of toys and a bundle of keys for my entry to several doors. Day in and out these are the toy that always be with me whenever I dress myself with white coat. These toys have make me build my strength and muscle too. A small muscle I mean...When it come to the heavy one, off course I need to borrow muscle from those guys who are more than willing to help me at the time when I need one.

Have a nice weekend everyone...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sweet moments

Yesterday I hit the maximum limit of how much my body can take stress and load until I drop dead on bed, having cold, lost voice. The night before, after having dinner at my beloved friend’s home, her mother gave me a good light massage of my back after hearing me slightly complaining how exhausted I felt. She asked me if I had fever. I said not that I noticed. She felt my body was very warm but I said I didn’t feel it. She was right. When I reached home, I started to experiencing cold symptom. Yes, now I knew that I actually catching cold. Alhamdulillah I manage to curb it and feeling better today.

The load and stress was not so much on my office work. It was actually the moving, cleaning the old house and making sure every single things is not missing based on the list recorded by house agent. Finally, I felt the stress off my shoulder after hand over the key and went through the list with rep from the agent yesterday morning. Thanks for friends who had lend their hand to clean the house and moving some of my belonging to new flat.

Staying in that house for more than 2 years left a lot of memories. Most are sweet memories…. the time when my son and his friend were playing in the rear garden during hot summer and sometimes when we had gathering for raya or makan-makan. I can still recall there is corner for children and also for adult to have their activities.

The rear garden with little apple tree and my tomato planted in several growing bags. Also tomato in dining room. Although I can easily count the number of tomato, it was enough to give me satisfaction to see it growing… not so much to enjoy the fruit of it.

I thank Him for blessing me with this opportunity to experience sweet moments in my life, being able to share my joy with families and friends through this years...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As the new life begin..

It has been more than a week since my little man left with his big man. I begin my new life alone and keep myself occupied with many things to do..shifting house, repack and unpack, house cleaning etc etc..and finally look back what I had left as far as my study is concerned..

So much that I wanted to hold my tear when we were about to part at the airport, I failed to do so. My tears run through my cheeks like a bursting pipe. I wish I could be like the mother of children in Narnia. I kept smiling with tears and pat at his back saying that he is going to be alright without me for a wee while. I knew that he hold that promise that I make to him.

The night before he left, I had a lovely chat with him. I knew how much he didn't want to leave. I felt guilty inside me for letting him go and be away from me for a while, but I have to let it go. To make him happy and have something to look forward to...I said " Baby, make sure after you had your prayer, dua to Allah to bless me with money so that I could buy you the plane ticket and you could come back here to spend time with me during your school holiday ". He hold that promise very strongly. The big man did not know that we had that promise made. My lil man appears more contented knowing that he might be back here.

That morning, he didn't want to get up from bed and he made very small steps toward bathroom. I made a joke to him " Do you want me to help you moving faster by pushing from your back?". He said " yes mama, please do that.."

I drove my lil man with his 2 friends and also big man to the airport. The three boys sitting at the back had a lot to talk about. My lil man said to his friends.." I will miss this place a lot especially the smell of the grass, the fresh air and landscape..and I will be back for holiday" I just turned my face to the big man and smiled..

As the new life begin...I do feel lonely but I know that I have mission to accomplish and life must go on...I will hang on there and think about all the wonderful things which keep me going...

Sir Count and all my dearest blogger friends..thanks for your moral support. It does make a different to me...