Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ketulusan hati

Weird that everytime I want to start writing in blog, my fingers just don't want to click. Not like before where words by words flow like a stream... Anyway... I will be travelling again. This is not in my work plan. My name surfaced up to replace my immediate bos since he could not make it for this trip.

I am not sure if I am lucky or unlucky. I could say...lucky to be able to have a chance to visit "negeri matahari terbit" again. It was only during my student time, some decades ago that I had a bit of chance to put my feet in the country. The unlucky part or rather a stretch part is to figure out what am I supposed to contribute to this trip and what is expected out of me. I need to prepare upfront as I don't like to do things last minute. Anyway, I manage to figure it out after sitting down with my bigger bos and colleague....

The truth is that I feel that I am a bit dragging myself offlate. Most of the time I felt that my physical fitness is a bit deteriorating. I am avoiding from seeing doctor to figure out what is wrong with me. I had been to SPA treatment last week and make extra effort on cycling. Normally I could bounce back and refresh. But this time, it does not really feel like that. Last weekend I figured out that my blood pressure went low again for whatever reason. Anyway, tomorrow I am suppose to force myself to go to clinic...see what happen.

A note of update. June 29, 2009

Obviously doctor suspected gaut, athritis and those that related to it. Have to wait for blood test result next week to confirm. I had to rest and do nothing at home for a while to entertain some paints in the joints. A feeling which I triedto ignore for quite a while. But I can't tolerate it as I feel somewthat weeker than usual regardless of my spa treatment, exercises etc. Nevertheless, our family did get out last night after maghrib to wonder around town. On the way back we picked up several DVD from the shop.

I cycle for 10 km this morning to get some sweat out. The weather is so pleasant.
This afternoon, I set on to watch "THE FEAST OF LOVE". It is a lovely movie featuring Morgan Freeman. Touch my heart! Really beautiful story...

I hope I could bare with sensation and paint while travelling through out weekend. I have to be a bit more careful with my diet. Medication given by the doctor should help in case I need it. So far, I try not to depend on it.

I am off till next week.


BTW, last 2 weeks I was invited to get together with Sheila Majid at Jentayu Spa. It was exciting to meet Sheila. Will post her pic next time.

I will set a target to write entry in blog minimum once a week. I.e. 4 entry/month.

Lovely song about Ketulusan hati...

Cintaku tak berdusta
Tak mengenal ingkar
Tak kenal nestapa
Cintaku hanya indah
Hanya bahagia untuk selamanya
Apa yang kurasakan ini
Persembahan untuk dirimu
Kau biarkan kasihku

Mencintaimu tak mengenal waktu
Tak mengenal puitis hanya tulusnya hati
mencintaimu tak mengenal ragu
keyakinan hatiku hanya untuk dirimu selalu

Cintaku tak berdusta
Tak mengenal ingkar
Tak kenal nestapa
Tak ada seribu janji
Hanya bahagia untu selamanya
Apa yang kurasakan ini
Persembahan untuk dirimu
Kau benarkan kasihku

Mencintaimu tak mengenal waktu
Tak mengenal puitis hanya tulusnya hati
Mencintaimu tak mengenal ragu
Keyakinan hatiku hanya untuk dirimu selalu
Apa yang kurasakan ini
Persembahan untuk dirimu
Kau dengarkan kasihku

Mencintaimu tak mengenal waktu
Tak mengenal puitis hanya tulusnya hati
Mencintaimu tak mengenal ragu
Keyakinan hatiku hanya untuk dirimu selalu

Pic 1: seaside in front of Ayorda Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali
Pic 2: big man and I

June 28 2008

1:30 am

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sharing life

June 18....

We have been blessed by ALMIGHTY for the life that we share until this moment...

Happy 20th Wedding anniversary to Anggerik Merah and his beloved big man...

Thanks for a lovely new ring...

Anggerik Merah

June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On route to Stavanger... & unstructured thots

I am very happy for all my friends who struggled along the way to get to finishing line. I always dua in my prayer for Almighty to make it easy for me and all my friends. Meeting my supervisor in KL last week had somehow strengthened my desire to get to finishing line on my correction. I explained to him the reason of my putting it on hold. I make a promise to him that I will let him know how much progress I am making in 1 month. The entire plan had been laid out in my mind. I know a lot of struggle to get it back on track. But Insyaallah with determination and desire and good health…and God will.. I will make it through.

All the ups and downs that I had been through is more than enough to bring me back to live in reality… But I know that I have to close my eyes and my mind for some that I can put on hold temporarily.

I have to make closure on the things that happen to me at office. I have to accept all that to move on. If it meant to be that way…just accept it and move on…. This has to be repeated many many times so that it stays in my mind.

There are certain things in life which is not meant to be ours…let it be then. No use to fight for it.. let it go. Many other part of life which is important to take care.

I recall and ponder the incident that I was trapped in between main door and grill last week in the midth of heading to office to discuss my future plan for career development. Things that happen may have reason. For now I want to pause and do not rush for anything. Let the time comes. I should be handling some other pressing matter in life at this moment. Things that I can ignore, I will ignore.

Many things I realize offlate…I had been given myself too much for others and ignore my own needs. I am paying back to do good to myself.

Good to let something out of mind and chest…even if what I have written here is purely garbage..unstructured thought…But again..this is my space to do just to that…

I am now switching my mind to lovely pictures I collected on route to Stavanger from Bergen through 5 hours boat rides….

Nowdays, I leave early to office to beat the traffic and come back home early too. I am programming my mind to say that staying late at office only do good to my company but no good to me. It has to stay that way. I know that I am a night person... my brain work best for thinking, reading and writing in the evening... I need this for my other committment.

This motivational word by sis Zabrina.... hopefully will help me to find a closure on my unstructured thots

Switching off,

Anggerik merah

June 10, 2008

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Warm day in Bergen ....May 2008

I had not been blogging much offlate. But I do blog hop whenever time permit. Sometimes I leave my trace and sometimes I just being a silence reader. For the last several weeks I had been in the angry mood which triggered by some misconduct related to my career progression. I pause and reflect on this issue as I don't wish to be in angry mode. It didn't do any good to me or to anybody. But I guess, it is quite normal to behave like that for anyone who has to go through similar situation. Being normal is just being normal...

Life is like that... It is good to refocus our thought on something more pleasant and serene... back to a week life in Bergen... I really miss this kind of environment. Life is at slow pace.Nature is in front of my eyes. Breathing fresh air make my lungs dilated pleasantly... Walking around town is just so heavy stress... the pics tell thousand stories..Live life to the fullest...
More of pics around Bergen...


This view should register in my mind to sooth unclear thought and any unpleasant events..
I picked up two books from Tesco yesterday...
1. Indahnya Cinta by Dr. 'Aidh Abdullah Al-Qarni
2. Peribadi by Prof Dr. Hamka
These will be my reading for a couple of week..

Anggerik Merah
June 8, 2008

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Reverse Engineering Your Future

Looking for tips and motivational steps at time when my brain is in the state of chaotic, I found this in my email...

Hi Anggerik

I've got a great article for you today written by my friendPhil Callaghan (NLP Trainer & Coach) about goal setting andgetting things done using three effective strategies. All the best, Colin

Reverse Engineering Your Future - by Philip Callaghan
There are many ways of creating new methods and strategies for doing things well. One form of innovation is to take a powerful strategy from one area and apply it usefully in a completely different one. In that spirit, I have borrowed a concept from the field of engineering and will present you with several ways in which it can be used to plan and create a better future. That concept is 'reverse engineering'.

Normally when a person engineers something, they start with a purpose, a need or a problem and create something which embodies that purpose, satisfies that need or solves the problem. Reverse engineering is essentially the opposite process. You start out with the finished product and go backwards, retracing the creative method to find out how it works. This is what happens when a company like Sony produces a new gadget. A competitor buys one and takes a screwdriver to it, taking it apart in order to find out the principles behind how it works. Then they can produce their own version built on similar principles.

Suppose you were to apply this process to one of your current goals. Assume the goal is complete at some point in the future and reverse engineer the pathway to that successful accomplishment. Here are three ways of doing the'reverse engineering' process.

1) The Magic Pill Scenario
I'm not sure where this method originates, though I often use it with coaching clients to get past a problem. It involves a simple question and some imagination. The question is this:

"If I were to give you a magic pill that meant you would wake up tomorrow with the problem completely solved, what would have changed?"

This enables them to start thinking about the problem as solvable. This also pre supposes that there is a solution and that it's possible for them to get past their current obstacle. They are then free to discover for themselves what changes they need to make. All we have to do after that is agree on how to make those changes, set up resources and a timeframe. Then they are completely free to move into action, knowing they are going in the right direction in an acceptable timeframe.

2) Timeline method
Imagine that your future is stretched out in front of you on a line, where days, weeks, months and years are arranged in order. One day follows another. This is a representation of your timeline - your inner sense of time. Your mind uses your timeline to plan and schedule. It's a bit like a'mental diary' or planner. First, assume that at some point in time, you will reach your goal. Then move forward along that timeline until you get to a point in your future where the goal is accomplished. At this point, check that it happens in a way that you're happy with. If it's not okay, change it until you're completely happy with it.

Now turn around and look back along the timeline, noticing all of the events that took place before your goal - those actions which allowed you to accomplish your goal. Be aware of what you did each step of the way. Your mind will fill in the details as you go. Now you know how you will get there and have a complete plan.

To make this even better, look at your new plan. Are there any distractions or unnecessary steps involved? Use your awareness of this to streamline the plan further until it is at its best. Write down the plan and move in to action! (For more about this method, refer to my NLP Primer ontimelines)

3) The Chunkwise Method
Henry Ford once said: "Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs". He went on to prove his statement by working out all of the jobs involved in building a car and putting that knowledge to practical use. The result was the world's first mass-produced car. You can apply this process by breaking your goal down into a number of pieces, then subdividing those into smaller tasks. Then all you need to do to make that knowledge into a plan is to apply the three 'power questions'. I've detailed the full process below, using "creating a new ebook" as an example.

1 - Identify your goal
Example: creating a new ebook

2 - What are the major pieces needed or stages involved? (3-5 pieces)
Example: Research, Design, Writing the detailed text.

3 - What are the major pieces of each of those?
Example: Research - (Market research, Topic research)

4 - Apply three power questions to each piece : Example:Topic research segment

A - How do you accomplish this piece?
Search internet, read relevant books, conduct studies in real world

B - How long will it take?
3 months

C - What order does this come in the bigger scheme?
After market research and before the design phase

Of course, you would go through all of the steps for each piece of every stage until you had a complete and comprehensive plan. Then you can decide if the time and effort involved are worth it. If not, you can work at ways of minimising the time taken in certain steps or do other steps in a more enjoyable or appealing way.

As a consequence of using the metaphor of reverse engineering, several strengths are revealed. The process presupposes that the aim is possible and achievable, so we instantly bypass any doubts that could have stalled creative thoughts about a solution. If it's really not possible, you'll find out in the process. You get to decide whether it's worth it, which you can only assess fully if you know the full process involved in getting there. After all, it's important to enjoy the journey as much as the final outcome.

You need to envision the outcome fully before you start, so you can adjust it and decide if you really want it that way. Needless to say, this saves a lot of time and effort. Also bear in mind that none of these processes need to take very long - it's all about finding a clear and acceptable path to your goal.

I hope these strategies are helpful in allowing you to decide on the great things you want in your future - and making them happen!