Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On route to Stavanger... & unstructured thots

I am very happy for all my friends who struggled along the way to get to finishing line. I always dua in my prayer for Almighty to make it easy for me and all my friends. Meeting my supervisor in KL last week had somehow strengthened my desire to get to finishing line on my correction. I explained to him the reason of my putting it on hold. I make a promise to him that I will let him know how much progress I am making in 1 month. The entire plan had been laid out in my mind. I know a lot of struggle to get it back on track. But Insyaallah with determination and desire and good health…and God will.. I will make it through.

All the ups and downs that I had been through is more than enough to bring me back to live in reality… But I know that I have to close my eyes and my mind for some that I can put on hold temporarily.

I have to make closure on the things that happen to me at office. I have to accept all that to move on. If it meant to be that way…just accept it and move on…. This has to be repeated many many times so that it stays in my mind.

There are certain things in life which is not meant to be ours…let it be then. No use to fight for it.. let it go. Many other part of life which is important to take care.

I recall and ponder the incident that I was trapped in between main door and grill last week in the midth of heading to office to discuss my future plan for career development. Things that happen may have reason. For now I want to pause and do not rush for anything. Let the time comes. I should be handling some other pressing matter in life at this moment. Things that I can ignore, I will ignore.

Many things I realize offlate…I had been given myself too much for others and ignore my own needs. I am paying back to do good to myself.

Good to let something out of mind and chest…even if what I have written here is purely garbage..unstructured thought…But again..this is my space to do just to that…

I am now switching my mind to lovely pictures I collected on route to Stavanger from Bergen through 5 hours boat rides….

Nowdays, I leave early to office to beat the traffic and come back home early too. I am programming my mind to say that staying late at office only do good to my company but no good to me. It has to stay that way. I know that I am a night person... my brain work best for thinking, reading and writing in the evening... I need this for my other committment.

This motivational word by sis Zabrina.... hopefully will help me to find a closure on my unstructured thots


Switching off,

Anggerik merah

June 10, 2008


Anonymous said...


wei, bila balik and lalu mana? lama lagi ke? i'm thru frankfurt on thursday. manalah tau...



anggerik merah said...


dah lama balik. Almost one month dah...Tak dapatlah kita berselisih kat mana-mana.

Anonymous said...


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