Friday, February 29, 2008

About flower and it's smell..

Not any rated story....

Most often than not, I like to do a free show in front of my other half and test his spontaneous respond to my free show.

A couple days ago, while he was sitting on massage chair, as usual I openly exhibiting my show especially if I am dressing up for work or to go out... I asked him, if he ever felt bored of seing the same thing for many years. His response really make me smile. What he said is that...if you are given flower..all the time you want to smell it and kiss it... I was smiling to hear that response....

About flower and its smell..

Anggerik Merah

February 29, 2008, 2AM

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Simplify life

For my dear blogger friends who placed some comments in my previous entry, sorry that I did not answer one by one. Perhaps this entry could highlight some of my whereabouts.

I was on a long leave since Chinese New Year. Unplanned additional leave after CNY due to some pressing matters which need to be sorted out. Hard to write and share maybe because it is even harder to think about it. Nevertheless, life must go on…things happened in the past cannot be changed unless something similar to the movie “Back to the future”…

During my unplanned leave, my mind, body and soul are focused on thinking about what had happened in the past beyond my imagination and knowledge. Something which can’t be described through scientific or logical explanation. Closing the old chapters of life and placed it somewhere in the far corner is what is desirable and must do. Again, it is easy said than done but not impossible to do. What is important…forgive those who had make us suffered and may Allah showed them and us the right path in life.


“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved,

it is a reality to be lived.”...Van der Leeuwarden.

Back to office, much I have to catch up. Much traveling to be done for work related for the next two months. Alhamdullilah, even I am still in the midst of building back my inner strength and energy, I felt that I am healthy.


" Strength doesn't come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will."... Mahatma Gandhi

Called my friend’s house today to finding out how is she doing. Managed to talk to her mother as she was upstairs praying. She went through her second series of chemo last Thursday according to her mother. She learned to manage herself better this time according to mother since she had her first experience during her first chemo. Her hair started to fall. I told her mother, I will visit her once I am free. Deep down in my heart, I wish I could gather my strength quickly enough so that I could visit her. I will need to avoid visiting others especially those who are critically ill if I was not well.

Reading some health magazine, this is what I found..

18 ways to simplify your life (source: Health magazine Jan/Feb 2008)

1. Think and write down what really matters to you (yes I did as part of my resolution)
2. Have short and long term goals (yes...somewhere)
3. Use online banking (I had practiced these long ago bcoz I hate waiting in the bank)
4. Make time for yourself (will do it more frequent)
5. Carry no more than 2 credit cards (yes, have one now but need another one for official travelling)
6. Identify bad habits (some may not be all)
7. Stop being a perfectionist (oh yes...but in some situaton is is needed!)
8. Don’t do other people’s work. Give up the “hero” mentality (yes...yes...)
9. Hire someone for chores you’re not fond of (must if got money)
10. Cut back on television time ( i m very selective on TV program)
11. Clean out your office and home (a must for me...if not the brain stuck)
12. Stop spending time with whiners ( ???)
13. Plan time for annual vacation (used to...not anymore for the last 4 years)
14. Carry a smaller wallet or purse (really?...why?)
15. Live closer to your work place (my wish list...right now my travelling time ranges from 1.5 - 3 hrs/day..sigh..)
16. Learn to say NO ( yes...I am now...)
17. Cut back on childrens’ planned activities ( ok..)
18. Track your expenses ( yes...definately..)

Will be back...

Feb 24, 9:30 pm

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Menerjah batas
Gelora pun berserpihan
Menghempaskan buih
Di lautan
Acapkali tumpas
Masih jua menyusuri
Arus pergolakan
Begitulah adat mestinya hidup
Selagi jasad dan hayat berpaut
Rintangan harus bersahut

Benar kata
Jatuh bangun seorang lelaki
Bergantung siapa
Wanita di sisi
Mujur tuah nasib
Diri kita ketemui
Jikalaulah tidak
Mungkin tak ku sedari

Bukankah kita ini dicipta Tuhan
Sepasang tapi berlainan
Lemah sana, sini kekuatan

Punyai bibit kelebihan
Supaya saling memerlukan
Bertemu demi menyulam
Cahaya nurani dan akal fikiran
Naluri serta perasaan
Menyingkap erti tangisan
Bukankah kita in dicipta Tuhan
Sepasang tapi berlainan
Lemah sini, sana kekuatan
Dirimu, diriku
Bagaikan pelita
Yang memercikkan sinar
Menyuluhi malam

A beautiful lyric of song (singer: Ning Baizura & Jay Jay)...
Spending my weekend with the loves one was something I treasure...
Yesterday, I spent a couple hours at friend's house, to hold her hand, to assist her to go to toilet...Her first chemo seems to hit her badly. She lost epitite and fainted. Nevertheless, her fighting power is building up. Once in a while she mumbled about how can she sustain to face the remaining cycles of chemo. Quickly her mother comfort her and reminded her about the blessing from Allah to face this trial... It hurt inside to see her suffering but I have to put a strong face for her... pray that she will be strong enough to go through the process and Allah ease her pain.
But I am glad that spending time with her and her mother, does ease some of my intense headache I experience at the back of my head. I felt as if the blood vessels are going to explode. I do not know what caused it as I had been taking the antibiotic on and off to get rid of flu from my body. But I tried to relax as much as I could. Today, the pain is not as bad as yesterday.
Looking forward for balik kampung during Chinese New Year...To all bloggers friends...Enjoy the long holiday
Anggerik Merah
Tuesday, Jan 5 2008

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A simple celebration

We celebrated baba's birthday at Nandos...the three of us together. Lil man was so very excited about this celebration. At night, we bought a b'day cake and lil man prepared some simple food to celebrate baba's b'day again at homewith cake.

A short entry to capture a simple celebration..