Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mind talking

My day to day is occupied with traveling to office, cycling in the evening to be fit and improve physical fitness (which I am desperately need to stimulate my brain and to gain momentum to move ahead), bit by bit fixing my correction of T, chasing for facilities at office, talking and meeting friends in the office. Getting hug from many friends who didn't see me for a long time is a bliss. Standard questions to have to answer...but I felt more alive. More alive to be able to talk about family, the happenings etc etc.
Every morning, I must take nasi lemak daun pisang and also my ganoderma coffee to stimulate my day. I am addicted to nasi lemak as most my friends notice. Yet still, I have to skip rice for lunch. Rice will make me really doze off. I will take different kind of mee or meehon instead. Preferably soup type. Or else I lock myself in the office to have yogurt or sandwich brought from home. Then I can focus my mind on my T. I do this when I need to be alone. But I notice the coffee make me tremble a bit at the beginning before it settle in my body...but it help to keep me alert all day.
I am fortunate to have a boss who allow me to get my T done before I step into my task at work. He knows I am a kind of person who is so excited about new thing as that will be my next task. But he keep me out of it for now.
At the same time I help to comment my junior's publication and also talk about research each of them involved in. I shared my pass experiences. So that I don't forget about it and others can expand on those experiences rather than start from scratch on research area that I had inititated earlier. Self satisfaction I felt inside being able to do this. I also updated my CV which I had not touch for many years. This will be used for my technical assessment to qualify for my next level in the company. At one point I felt I lost my ambition or is it that I don't have ambition at all? Whatever it is, I wish to work on something close to my natural talent and balance it with my qualification but not for the sake of hunting for big money only.
That is as far as my work and career is concerned. My family life which is priority, much to write about. We have more time to spend together as a family. A priceless moment.
My time for blogging and blog hopping will be less and less. Sometimes the syndrome of "don't feel like writing" is there. Nevertheless, I will keep writing whenever the opposite is felt.
My mind talking.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jentayu Spa

Kak Lady and QOTH asked me whereabout Jentayu Spa.

No 11, Jalan Gelenggang,
Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03: 2094 4428

Used to be called purisanti. One of the owners of this spa is Sheila Majid. If you are lucky, you will meet her there. I never been lucky so far. But the lady who treat me as her regular customer already told Sheila that I want to meet her...hehehe...She is my role model for the skin and fitness.

Until end of March, they have a very good promotion for spa treatment. And also on specific day of the month, they will give 40% discount on treatment. Worth trying! So far I never want to find other place as I am so very comfortable and satisfy with their services. Please call for detail.

Anggerik Merah, unofficial promoter for Jentayu Spa.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tak seindah dulu (not as wonderful as before)

Update on 90/60,

What I did to pump up some adrenalin and hoping to also improve 90/60:

1) Outdoors cycling morning and evening - sweating a lot!

2) Bowling - not bad at all for a beginner. Score: +/- 110

3) Another spa treatment called "Just relax" at Jentayu spa. The package includes:
15 mins body steam
30 mins body mask & scrub - honey and sesame seed scrub
75 mins body massage with jentayu bliss oil
15 mins herbal bath (milk bath)
Jentayu bliss body lotion
4) Catching up some lost time with my partner in crime... errrgg... this one cannot provide detail...:-)
But BP still does not improve much... yes it improve a bit only...
If it is still like that then I will resort to doctor as advice.

Outdated story to share on the entry title (written on Feb 14, 2007):

Yesterday was my first day report duty to the company I worked with. I was excited and anxious the nite before thinking about going back to my old place. A place which develop my career within the company since the first day I stepped in many years ago. A work place which has transformed many time back and force. And I used to the transformation as I make a choice for what is good for me and what is good for the company. I lead my way and follow my instinct in some areas under my responsibility and knowledge. I never let the environment affected me much as I had goal to achieve and I create achievement to satisfy both myself and the company I worked with. It is a win-win situation. This is what keeps me going through out my career life.

Interesting thot I had in mind thinking about which cloth I should wear to office. Obviously I am so used to faded jeans and very relaxing outfit. But as usual black and white is my preference for office outfit.

In the morning, my big man dropped me at LRT station so I could proceed to HQ for my letter of appointment. I kissed both lil and big men before parting. The big man asked me if I have sufficient money. I nodded my head. As expected the LRT station was packed with people early in the morning. It took me more than 30 minutes to wait for the train. The train was unusually late. Not so used to be in a crowded and congested area for sometimes I almost forgot how impatient the train commuters were. It was so normal to be pushed by the crowd until I could enter into the train.

After getting my letter of appointment at HQ, I proceeded to my old work place. Thinking of taking taxi to go there. However, my conversation with someone (a stanger I met) in the lift somehow change my mind as she suggested me to be more adventures apart from save some money on taxi fare. I followed her suggestion as I also wanted to experience this mode of traveling which I never tried before. I ended up taking a LRT, then a commuter train then a taxi to my old work place. Quite a journey for that day. I had a chance to observe rapid development around the commuter track after many years I left this country.

As I reached the security room at the main gate, I had to stop there to activate my pass card for entering. There I had a chance to talk to those nice people in security that used to check on me and ensure my safety during some period of my nite stay in office to come out with a technology proposal many years ago. They were happy to see me back after a long period of away. I reminded some of them who thot that I was doing my PhD at that time due to my several nite stay in the office. We had a good conversation talking about happenings around here.
But but…as expected…I was reminded by the chief security that all the good memories that I had 4 years ago can only be kept in my mind. Now everything has changed. "Tak seindah dulu dan tak seceria dulu lagi". The place has become a desserted place. Most people had gone somewhere else and loads of empty places due to recent restructuring. The security people suggested me to check those places. From a business entity we were seems to go back to square one, even worse situation than the square one. I just listened to what they had to say and acknowledge their frustration and low spirit on the happenings. Anyway, I said to myself.. life has to go on…

I walked through the path and building where it was used to be so lively and full of activities, people integrating and communicating. I can feel the loneliness and the emptiness of all those places which was mentioned to me.. My impression was like “padang jarak padang terkukur” or “Singapura dilangar todak”…It was true only the memories running through my mind visualizing the place which used to be so alive and full of energy.

As I moved on to the building housing technical people then I met old faces and also mostly junior some who only knew me by name. The old friends were particularly happy to see me back as they had lost many frens who had gone for the grass is greener on the other side of fence. I was happy to see them too. Catching up with happenings was the time mostly spends at the office. I had tried to confine myself not to meet too many frens yet as I need to focus on my remaining writing. So keeping a low profile was what I wanted to be for the remaining few weeks to come until all get done and then plan my next move.

Tak seindah dulu…that is how it goes…but but…I will not want the environment to influence me much. Looking at the positive side of it is more important than worrying about what will happen in the long run even though it is very predictable the difficulty to operationalise this place to improve the efficiency. It is more of like starting back to square one for some areas.

Well…that is not for me to worry about it right now as I have more than enough to settle my current heavy load on my shoulder which I need to let go.
As start, today (Feb 21, 2007), I invite fellow friends to join me for a "sofa talk" for 15 minutes to have a chat about anything. It is more of like getting to know the juniors in our group and what they are doing. Many I have not had a close contact. A very informal gathering, this will be everyday activity that we will do together to spice up our day, to have a laugh and to "merapu" as well, more important to have a short break from our normal day to day work and spice up the day.
We have an enjoyable and inspiring "sofa talk" for today. It inspire me as much as I could inspire others in whatever that we are doing to live our life. Tomorrow will be a day we look forward to meet again and share our experiences, hobbies and also anything which helps us to move on...
Tak seindah dulu (not as wonderful as before) should not be a road block for us to grow and make the best of our talent and interest if we choose to be where we are...
p/s my entry and blog hop is very limited to my available time at home with a very slow rate to log on. Nevertheless, we keep in touch!
Mental note for future entry:
1) My promise to Sir Gab to share my fear factor seing dentist...will do...but need mood to write about it.. You may know me by know. Kalau tak ada mood tak menjadi buat apa pun..:-)
2) Tagged by k.d. dear on 6 weird thingy... (Kak Ruby darling intent to tag me too). I will share it..Had drafted but need to ask my big and lil man for feedback. They might know better of weird thing in me as they have to deal me as much as I have to deal with them...hehehe
3) Bro Idham, feeding duck on campus with pic tu...I plan to has some memories
4) What else???

Monday, February 12, 2007

Keep me wonder 90/60

I had been in a roller coaster mood offlate. I kept telling myself it was just because I was not having proper sleep and shifting my nite and day upside down plus some other family matters which require my time and energy. Plus PMS too. All these add up contributing to roller coaster mood. Well, I make sure I eat properly, sufficent exercise and sleep whenever I need to ensure I still keep balance of body fitness.

However, keep me wonder last nite as I measured by my blood pressure to be 90/60. To be exact the OMRON T5 BP monitor read 87/56. first thot cud be this monitor not measuring it accurately so something wrong with it. Could this be a reason that I felt too sleepy and my brain didn't function especially when it comes to thinking & reading. I repeated the measurement after 2 hours. It remain around the same number. I am not sure if I should be worry or not. For some years, anything have to do with health I take it as stress related. That is what the GP always diagnose us, students. So, there is no need to worry about it as long I could cope and balance it.

Will see if it give higher number tomorrow. If not, I better get it right then...:-)

Blog has been very very slow to get into at least for me. Not sure if it is only my current connection is the problem. I am a bit impatience to wait and hence I don't blog and bloghop much.

And tomorrow will be "back to life back to reality" for me...Yes, back on my feet again! Pump up my adrenalin to improve 90/60. Move on and pick up along the way what I had left and also carry on what is still on my shoulder. My wish is that I could take it one at a time to build back that strength I used to have in me (hehehe...being called "Iron lady").

To all my dearest friends...keep smiling, laughing and loving!

Till we meet again...

Pic 1: lil man with mindstorms lego & dinasour
Pic 2: Inhouse Power ranger hunting mosquitos
Pic 3: Echa san make over
Pic 4: Echa avec make over

Friday, February 09, 2007

Back to life back to reality

I must admit that I lost focus for many reasons. Now I need back my focus..
...back to life and back to reality.
Extract nice words from Psychologies 2007 journal to spice up my day:
Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine
- Mario Fernandez, Author -
Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you
- Mary Kay Ash, Businesswoman -
Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
- Herman Cain, Author -
When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.
- W Clement Stone, Businessman -

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Berat bebanku
Separuh nafas jiwaku

Bukan salahmu
Apa dayaku
Mungkin benar cinta sejati
Tak berpihak
Pada kita

Sampai disini kisah kita
Jangan tangisi keadaannya
Bukan karena kita berbeda

Dengarkan lagu.....lagu ini
Melodi rintihan hati ini
Kisah kita berakhir di Januari
Selamat tinggal kisah sejatiku

Another beautiful song by Glen Fredly from soundtrack malay movie CINTA.

I love music, I can't deny, since my childhood days. But I never have a dream to be a singer or a composer or a song writer or something related to it. I could have been one if only this interest of mine was molded from little.

Anyway, I am happy just to enjoy and indulge myself into some beautiful songs which I had not done it for quite sometimes. Preferably those songs that touch my heart (aha...ala ala semonel lah tu!!!)...Then I spent sometimes to "melanun" these songs from internet before deciding to buy CD... hehehe...

Thinking of impossible...Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and live at the moment to be able to pause & reflect in life...Yes, in my dream only... :-)

Pix 1: Glassgow Airport leaving to KL in December 2006. A gloomy, windy and cool day of Scotland

Pix 2: My beloved lil man's eyes on TV screen. I love him dearly and we banter loads too

Pix 3: My lovely beautiful senorita aka my niece, Marissa Atifah, whom I professionally spoilt...I love her eyes

Pix 4: Dubai Airport on transit to UK in January 2007. A bright sunny day of United Arab Emirates

Pix 5: Free watch given by my old buddy. Thank you buddy! Finally I wear it after 1.5 years keeping it. Reason kept too long: not suitable for heavy duty activities in lab. more holding spanar & wrench and playing with chemical...time to wear the watch.

Oppp...I had spent my moment of time offtrack from my unfinished business...! Brain should have more than enough stimulant by now to keep moving on...

Till then...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Kupejamkan mata ini dan aku rasakan
Sekilas galau di hatiku
Meratapi cinta yang hilang

Cukup sudah ku berlari mencari mauku
Kini saatnya ku berhenti
Cintaku tlah hadir disini
Kuyakin semua kan berlalu

Seumpama kau ada
Hati dan jiwa ku terhibur
Maka lamun akan berakhir
Keyakinanku belum pasti

Biarlah kutemukan
Kepingan hatiku yang hilang
Semua bisa merasakannya
Bahwa dia mencintaku

Cukup sudah
Kesedihan merebut hariku
Hentikan sesak di dadaku
Lepaskan aku demi cinta
Kuyakin semua kan berlalu

Beautiful song by Melly Goeslow, part of it captured in malay movie CINTA (read: LOVE). Lyric serve for entertainment only!
Caution: It is advisable not to listen to this song if your state of mind is not stable...hehehe...or else it is just a song...enjoy it....:-)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Recovering & No pain no gain

Alhamdullillah, I had recovered from flu attack after several days. What remain are chest cough and slight running nose which is tolerable.

Swallowed paracetamol, increased intake of black seed oil to 3 times a day, took loads of soup, drank plenty of water, jogged for more than 3 km did help me to expediate the recovery.

But but....every time I go to sleep...I have a bad dream...something like being chased by a group of bad guy all around town and many more which I don't remember. Not that I want to believe what is in my dream, but it tells me I have fear in my subconcious mind.

Anyway, having the thot of enjoying the moment and look at the bright side of the future do help to remain high spirit. And I know my limit. I must pause for a while if it is too much for me to handle. Cik Atenah had the same thot just like me..-agaknya dah tua dah. Dah tak boleh buat macam muda2 dulu. Masa muda dulu-dulu tak tido 4 hari pun ok saja. But, life must go on... Bila dah OK, continue gain back the momentum.

Thanks to all fren out there who always there and those who are willing to help in whatever way. I hope I did not sound as if asking everyone to symphatice (sp?) whenever I have this urge of going out of control. The fact is that I need to talk it out and release. Most of the time I don't have anyone to talk to as I spend most of my night time in the office. If I look at others who are less fortunate than me than I kept my own problem within me. Felt so fortunate to have some fren in the blog world who understand the emotional roller coaster who can share the same feeling. Most of the time I rather write in my blog so that I could come back to read how I felt at that moment of time and see how much progress do I make to overcome most of obstacles if not all.

No pain no gain - that is what I had to go through at this stage. And I know well that I am not the only one.

I wish to share more good news later. As of now, I am trying to see a good side of everything... take it to my limit and move on. Sometimes I do feel like I don't want to write anything in my blog. But it has become part of me now which I can't easily detach..

My mind speaking at this hour which I am not sure if it makes any sense. It maybe jumble let it be..Anyway, I just type it here..