Monday, February 05, 2007

Recovering & No pain no gain

Alhamdullillah, I had recovered from flu attack after several days. What remain are chest cough and slight running nose which is tolerable.

Swallowed paracetamol, increased intake of black seed oil to 3 times a day, took loads of soup, drank plenty of water, jogged for more than 3 km did help me to expediate the recovery.

But but....every time I go to sleep...I have a bad dream...something like being chased by a group of bad guy all around town and many more which I don't remember. Not that I want to believe what is in my dream, but it tells me I have fear in my subconcious mind.

Anyway, having the thot of enjoying the moment and look at the bright side of the future do help to remain high spirit. And I know my limit. I must pause for a while if it is too much for me to handle. Cik Atenah had the same thot just like me..-agaknya dah tua dah. Dah tak boleh buat macam muda2 dulu. Masa muda dulu-dulu tak tido 4 hari pun ok saja. But, life must go on... Bila dah OK, continue gain back the momentum.

Thanks to all fren out there who always there and those who are willing to help in whatever way. I hope I did not sound as if asking everyone to symphatice (sp?) whenever I have this urge of going out of control. The fact is that I need to talk it out and release. Most of the time I don't have anyone to talk to as I spend most of my night time in the office. If I look at others who are less fortunate than me than I kept my own problem within me. Felt so fortunate to have some fren in the blog world who understand the emotional roller coaster who can share the same feeling. Most of the time I rather write in my blog so that I could come back to read how I felt at that moment of time and see how much progress do I make to overcome most of obstacles if not all.

No pain no gain - that is what I had to go through at this stage. And I know well that I am not the only one.

I wish to share more good news later. As of now, I am trying to see a good side of everything... take it to my limit and move on. Sometimes I do feel like I don't want to write anything in my blog. But it has become part of me now which I can't easily detach..

My mind speaking at this hour which I am not sure if it makes any sense. It maybe jumble let it be..Anyway, I just type it here..


liyas said...

...try this before going to sleep..
(244) Hadith Number 3.
'Aayeshah Radiyallahu 'Anha narrates: "Every night before Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam slept on his bed, he put together his hands (as in the du'aa) and blew on it and recited (the surahs of) AI-Ikhlaas (Qul huwauahu ahad), AI-Falaq (Qul a'udhu birabbil falaq), and An-Naas (Qul a'udhu birabbin naas) and wiped those parts of the body that he could (wherever the hand could reach). He began with the head, then the face and then the front part of his body. This was done thrice".
..hope it will help

cikdinz said...

yap!!! no pain, no gain.........

Lollies said...

bila dah habis nanti barulah betul-betul worth itu titele you are getting.

Go AM Go!
Go AM go!

Give me an A "A!!"
Give me an M "M!!"

AM!!! (twist thre times one the floor and ends with a high kick and a split.

Kak Lady said...

AM...kak lady rasa...there is something in you yang kerap mengganggu fikiran....ada masa kita perlu lepaskan...kak lady pernah terasa begitu...tidur malam tak seindah selalu....

Take care AM...

simah said...

like u said.. no pain gain..
sharing ur thoughts is always good.....mcm si dumbledor dlm harry potter.. di letak memory dia dalam pensieve.. so i guess ur blog is ur pensieve.. :0)

demonsinme said...

Lady red Orchid:

It is good to know that you are well again. Keep good care of your health.


If its not a burden, come by to my space, leave some thoughts to my latest entry as I am much in need of advice.


Idham said...

.....cuma salam ingatan dari saya .....


anggerik merah said...


thanks for reminder. I appreciate it much. Make me think if those nites I just simple drop myself on bed..On the other hand I always remind my lil man to read these every nite before sleep...Reminded me of "Kepimpinan melalui tauladan".. Thanks again.:-)



yes very true..

lolies ma dear chear lady,
I hear ya...the frequency transfer thru air...tq dear...

dok bayangkan lollies twisting, kicking and splitting...already make me smile & laugh..:-)


kak lady,

betul apa yang kak lady cakap tu..mesti lepaskan satu persatu.. ada bedna yang tak settle dalam kepala ni.

Lagi pun saya dah overdose diri saya dengan coffee dalam masa yang agak panjang sampai tak rasa kesejukan winter...:-). Insyaallah diharapkan dalam sedikit masa semuanya dapat settle. TQ Kak Lady.



yes true...buat masa ni my blog is my pensieve...Especially bila toleh kiri kanan tak dak orang nak berborak...:-)


TQ for coming again. I will visit yrs when I have chance. But..sometimes yr writing is too abstract for me to know me..with my simple english. However, I envy yr complex writing bcoz it make me think hard hw to interpret..:-)...

U take care too!



salam ingatan jugak...:-)

~ GAB ~ said...

I was here yesterday and before, tried to leave some comments but I was having hard time to login since I had just upgrade to Google Account thing.

It is good that we have an escapism through net, blogging thing nowadays. To the ver least it helps somehow, even though nothing compared to real life persons.

Hope by now you are doin' OK dear.

Anonymous said...

AM replied:

Sir Gab,
Yes, I had similar experience with new goggle account.

Alhamdulillal I am fine. TQ