Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mind talking

My day to day is occupied with traveling to office, cycling in the evening to be fit and improve physical fitness (which I am desperately need to stimulate my brain and to gain momentum to move ahead), bit by bit fixing my correction of T, chasing for facilities at office, talking and meeting friends in the office. Getting hug from many friends who didn't see me for a long time is a bliss. Standard questions to have to answer...but I felt more alive. More alive to be able to talk about family, the happenings etc etc.
Every morning, I must take nasi lemak daun pisang and also my ganoderma coffee to stimulate my day. I am addicted to nasi lemak as most my friends notice. Yet still, I have to skip rice for lunch. Rice will make me really doze off. I will take different kind of mee or meehon instead. Preferably soup type. Or else I lock myself in the office to have yogurt or sandwich brought from home. Then I can focus my mind on my T. I do this when I need to be alone. But I notice the coffee make me tremble a bit at the beginning before it settle in my body...but it help to keep me alert all day.
I am fortunate to have a boss who allow me to get my T done before I step into my task at work. He knows I am a kind of person who is so excited about new thing as that will be my next task. But he keep me out of it for now.
At the same time I help to comment my junior's publication and also talk about research each of them involved in. I shared my pass experiences. So that I don't forget about it and others can expand on those experiences rather than start from scratch on research area that I had inititated earlier. Self satisfaction I felt inside being able to do this. I also updated my CV which I had not touch for many years. This will be used for my technical assessment to qualify for my next level in the company. At one point I felt I lost my ambition or is it that I don't have ambition at all? Whatever it is, I wish to work on something close to my natural talent and balance it with my qualification but not for the sake of hunting for big money only.
That is as far as my work and career is concerned. My family life which is priority, much to write about. We have more time to spend together as a family. A priceless moment.
My time for blogging and blog hopping will be less and less. Sometimes the syndrome of "don't feel like writing" is there. Nevertheless, I will keep writing whenever the opposite is felt.
My mind talking.


~ahni~ said...

AM, saya ni ketinggalan keretapi ke... AM sekarang dah balik dan start kerja kat Mesia ye.... Hope not to late to wish u - welcome back!

~ GAB ~ said...

Wahh... getting busier now? Don't worry about blogging dear. You do have many other important things to finish out there. I never burden myself with blogging thing. I write when I feel like it to write. The only thing is I do have time in hand in most days if I do not have any ouside engagements.

Enjoy your life!

k.d said...

Getting back to the reality of working life. And I'm sure you are over the moon to be back home with your family semua.

I wish you success in your career.

cikdinz said...

perlu di ingat.
nasi lemak make you feel sleepy.
tak buleh amek hari-hari..

Anonymous said...

Anggerik replied,


yes, dah balik. TQ. Apa khabar?



Yes, my day time spent in the office. Blog only at home.


TQ. I am happy to be with family but still struggle to let off my other committment.

betul tu...nasi lemak memang mengantuk lepas makan. I have to cut down.

simah said...

ur blog will always await u with open arms whenever u feel like gracing it with ur presence... smileeeeeeeeeeeeee n take care..:0)

Kak Lady said...

AM...betul kata Gab...'never burden yourself with blogging thing...' Just write when you feel free...but you will never lose your blog friends...we will keep on hoping to your blog....

Take care...and wish you all the best in your career

oldtown~Smell the Roses said...

Anggerik merah,
Sayapun ketinggalan! Ingatkan blk bercuti jek. Anyway..enjoy ur life!

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah, said, 'More Alive'.

I like that 'More Alive' feel, as I am doing everything to be more alive now. Better to work to feel better than dragging ourselves into some dismal abyss.

Good luck with 'T' dear.

Lollies said...

blogging is not a chore.take care tau

Has said...

upgrading cv: yukkkk...but then I need it for promotion right?

cikdinz said...

cobe lah makan kuih yg tak heavy. tak pun makan roti ke.
tapi lunch musti amek nasik tau..

NJ said...

Salam perkenalan Anggerik Merah,

Was at Annckay's and read ur comments. If you have same similarities with her, that makes the 3 of us...hehe

I wud like to go thru ur archives to get to know u better.

anggerik merah said...


yes, lets smileeee together..:-)

Kak Lady,

yes, very true. Friends are matter what happen!

We were at Shah Alam during weekend for wedding. Teringat kat Kak Lady!

oldtown smell roses,
Yes, we must enjoy life. Hope you are doing fine there.


Kak Ruby,

yes..yes...miss you. I am too occupied now. Will keep in mind on our next chit chat meeting. You look forever lovely...


yes true. U take care too.


Pray that you are doing fine. Yes, my CV is needed for the next interview in midyear. And it also helps me to streamline my future positioning to be able to contribute to company & pay back my scholarship..

Keep in touch!


saya totally avoid nasi during lunch kat office. If not I will zzzzz...hehehe


salam perkenalan. ood to know kita ada persamaan in some ways. TQ for hopping in. Visit yr blog too to leave a trace and to get to know you.

anggerik merah said...


Good, not ood...type tak complete. It is 3:21 in the morning when I replied this.

~ahni~ said...

Saya sihat. AM kerja area mana ya?