Monday, February 12, 2007

Keep me wonder 90/60

I had been in a roller coaster mood offlate. I kept telling myself it was just because I was not having proper sleep and shifting my nite and day upside down plus some other family matters which require my time and energy. Plus PMS too. All these add up contributing to roller coaster mood. Well, I make sure I eat properly, sufficent exercise and sleep whenever I need to ensure I still keep balance of body fitness.

However, keep me wonder last nite as I measured by my blood pressure to be 90/60. To be exact the OMRON T5 BP monitor read 87/56. first thot cud be this monitor not measuring it accurately so something wrong with it. Could this be a reason that I felt too sleepy and my brain didn't function especially when it comes to thinking & reading. I repeated the measurement after 2 hours. It remain around the same number. I am not sure if I should be worry or not. For some years, anything have to do with health I take it as stress related. That is what the GP always diagnose us, students. So, there is no need to worry about it as long I could cope and balance it.

Will see if it give higher number tomorrow. If not, I better get it right then...:-)

Blog has been very very slow to get into at least for me. Not sure if it is only my current connection is the problem. I am a bit impatience to wait and hence I don't blog and bloghop much.

And tomorrow will be "back to life back to reality" for me...Yes, back on my feet again! Pump up my adrenalin to improve 90/60. Move on and pick up along the way what I had left and also carry on what is still on my shoulder. My wish is that I could take it one at a time to build back that strength I used to have in me (hehehe...being called "Iron lady").

To all my dearest friends...keep smiling, laughing and loving!

Till we meet again...

Pic 1: lil man with mindstorms lego & dinasour
Pic 2: Inhouse Power ranger hunting mosquitos
Pic 3: Echa san make over
Pic 4: Echa avec make over


ruby ahmad said...

Sure Anggerek Merah, till we meet the meantime wishing you a 'Happy Valentine's day'.

What gorgeous kids!

Kak Lady said...

Comel2 gambar anak2 tu...especially gambar echa san make over...her smile is so cute...heheheh...

90/60 ...erm...tak tau lah....dulu blood pressure kak lady pun pernah camtu...tapi kenapa kak lady tak risau eh?...

D said...

forgive me for being ignorant, but what should the reading be? 90/90 or a mere 100/100 = 100%?? hehehehe... if you're the iron lady, then maybe the readings SHOULD be that way? ahaks...

Lollies said...

rendahnya your BP. take care ok.

ahh tak tahannya rindukan anak

d - in general BP is good at 120/80. lebih kurang gitulah. campur atas bawah makes up 200. tapi tak molah 100/100. that's too high (look at lower reading diastolic):D

cikdinz said...

rendah lah bp tuh.
nape tuh.

idham said...

:) waz here.....take care you!

heppy valentines day...


~ GAB ~ said...

Anggerik, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you my dear.

I wish you every happiness with all the people you love around you.

JoKontan said...

That's is LOW. The BP. Gilah check.

Normally the Omron sets is just giving indications. Tak berapa accurate. But indication it does give.

I have one at home. Bila it give 148/100, i know it is high. But to get a more accurate reading gila klinik.

Go gurl !

anggerik merah said...

Kak Ruby,

happy valentine's day to you too.. Loads of love.

Kak Lady,
Yes she is so very cute. The BP is on low side. As long as tak collapse ok lah.


lollies help to clarify dah..


thanks for clarification. Yes low indeed. Will follow up with doc lah if still maintain low.

don't know. maybe I need to exercise loads to pump up. Will see.


heppy valentie's day to you too..Wiah you loads of love in the air and in yr heart.


Sir Gab,

happy valentine's day to you too.
You too..will be surrounding with loving people around you especially your beloved family.


aha..tu lah..rasa nak tido all the time...Have to pump up more adrenalin..will see if it improve.

Dah lama tak jumpa doctor. Will see if no improvement. Maybe need to cycle and jog more. Adeh..dah masuk senja ke kita nih? Tapi dok perasan masih tengahari lagi...heheh

demonsinme said...

(a gift from the demon to be made as a gift to your loved ones)

In my lonely heart,
hate plays a great part,
it wills the my action from the start,
it herd me words with such grand art,
it is the very thing that bounds our two hearts.

I hate the moments when you are not in sight,
coz it is the time that I could not see your plight,
and I can't remedy the things that bring you fright,

I hate the days that my might seeps by,
and when I can't stop your sad cry,
making your smile dry,
making me feel worst than having to die.

I hate the months when draught come to visit,
coz it would hinder my rose seeds,
making me dread the times we meet,
as I have no flower to place on your lovely feet,
and be shied from your smile so sweet.

But, the greatest that I hate,
is the day that you saw me not even as a mate,
and my love has become your hate,
as it is the most dreadfull of my fate.

Anonymous said...

Anggerik said:


very beautiful one! Thanks for sharing

Kak Teh said...

AM, hope you have a better reading and take care. Mine is always low, thus i am prone to having blackouts.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh dear,

The reading improved a little bit with loads of exercise. Yes, I do experience blackout several times but I never really monitor my normal reading of BP. Not to worry. Insyaallah will be fine.

Anggerik M

k.d said...

Anggerik dear

That BP is low. KAlau you ada fainting spells, dizziness, better gi check what's wrong.

Anyway, don't overwork ok. I know you are trying to do too many things in such a short time. Pace yourself.

By the way, I tagged you ah. Do it at your leisure time. (See me blog)

Anonymous said...


I had this low BP since long time but never I monitor how low it is. Anyway, I had loads of exercise these few days to see if it improve. Will see doctor if ni improvement.

Read yr tag. Will do..hehehe..

Anggerik M

Queen Of The House said...

AM, I hope by now your BP is back to normal. 90/60 is frighteningly low ... don't mean to frighten you, though. Pergilah check with your doctor if you have not done it already.

You must really be the Iron Lady indeed if you can push yourself to the extent that you do. As for me, I'm done pushing, hehehe.

Take care dear.

anggerik merah said...


Yes, a bit on low side. Sebab tu lah agaknya rasa nak tido and can't focus too long. Did some exercises..but a bit improvement only.

heheh...iron lady tu masa dulu2 lah. Now kena slow down sikit.Cannot do like before.