Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Will be back

I will be moving here and there for sometimes. On a travel mode.

I wish to share my story during my hometown visit recently but somehow my excitement of writing the story temporarily lost in the air. Too much on the plate that I need to take care..nevertheless I practice relaxing by meeting people ...hence my talking and listening skill are being utilised extensively rather than writing in the blog.

Will be back to update the happenings. In case I am gone too long ...selamat menyambut Ramadhan to everyone out there. Semuga ianya membawa berkat.

And Selamat Menyambut MERDEKA in two days time.

Anggerik Merah
August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mind talk

I was exhausted today. Mentally and physically exhausted. Maybe I am too engrossed with justifying my technical assessment. Trying to recall most of work which I had left 4 years ago is a pain. Most of it residing in the reports which was dispersed everywhere. It took me sometimes to track the copy of report.

Sitting down and recalling the details are really hard. But I do as much as I could. My mind is contemplating on how best I could project myself to justify something which I almost erase from my mind. My energy really drains out. I could not say that I had forgotten most of it. What I need right now is to create back that mental picture so that I could explain the subject matter well enough.

I am very fortunate to have some colleagues who are willing to spend time with me to refresh my old knowledge. May God bless them with more knowledge. There are also colleagues who just wish that I will never get through it. Such attitude is very destructive to the organization. I would never want to associate with that kind of people. And I pray to God not to let me be one of them. And I will not let them kill my motivation and drive. If I deserve it, it is mine.

I will be hiatus for a while…

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder

So being said. It is true..and I must agree.

This is my beautiful 3 year old niece (Marissa). We celebrated b’day together last month. Picture taken during our b’day.

This is her 4 month old little brother (Alif Haikal) and his first food.

Last weekend, my sister called me. She shivered in the phone while talking to me. I was worried thinking that something happen to anyone of her children. The news is about her shocking state of mind. Not expecting that she is pregnant again after having a 4 month old. She told me that she is not ready. I tried to calm her down and convinced her that it is bless indeed. One of her worries is about a struggle to feed the children because they don’t have a permanent job.
I convinced her that she must believe every child arrive in this world will have his/her portion as I don’t want her to have a thot of aborting the pregnancy. And…I know that she finally decided to let it be. She is indeed bless with beautiful children…and me being their untie will shower them with my love and all that I have as if they are my own. It is amazing to learn the behaviour of these young one. Their presence and their beauty makes our life so meaningful…

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder indeed…

Thot came to my mind in this early morning of the day…

Life had been beautiful for me…Once I said to myself I could not afford to be sick, sad, emotional and inviting any negative energy to conquer me….I manage to take things coming to me in a more positive way with reflection…I move on in life.

Make everyday possibly the best…create more success (even if it is little one), filled with joy in my heart and soul…bless with the loves one around me (my two man, family and friends)…..and most of all, I thank Him for the opportunity to be alive and kicking again. Accepting and move on is the key to everything…

To my blogger friends out there...those I met in person and those I never met...I must say that you make a difference in my life. The same to a very few friends who read my blog.