Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mind talk

I was exhausted today. Mentally and physically exhausted. Maybe I am too engrossed with justifying my technical assessment. Trying to recall most of work which I had left 4 years ago is a pain. Most of it residing in the reports which was dispersed everywhere. It took me sometimes to track the copy of report.

Sitting down and recalling the details are really hard. But I do as much as I could. My mind is contemplating on how best I could project myself to justify something which I almost erase from my mind. My energy really drains out. I could not say that I had forgotten most of it. What I need right now is to create back that mental picture so that I could explain the subject matter well enough.

I am very fortunate to have some colleagues who are willing to spend time with me to refresh my old knowledge. May God bless them with more knowledge. There are also colleagues who just wish that I will never get through it. Such attitude is very destructive to the organization. I would never want to associate with that kind of people. And I pray to God not to let me be one of them. And I will not let them kill my motivation and drive. If I deserve it, it is mine.

I will be hiatus for a while…


Izhal said...

alo alo...

david santos said...

I come to congratulate you with your work and to desire a good Month to you of August in vacation. In Portugal already we walk for beaches and to live the heat of the Summer.

cikdinz said...

betul tu kak. jgn bercampur ngan orang-orang mcm nih...

Has said...

Ya Allah AM, I pun fatigue sangat, dah la tu, put on weight pula. Rasa macam makchik2 jer, tapi nasib baik yesterday, masa nak gi ambil seminar post grad student, satu distant learning student terserempak, tanya jalan ke mana lecture hall. I beritau la, then she asked me "Kak master student tahun berapa?". Ha ha ha, satu hari aku tersenyum.

anggerik merah said...


dah lama tak dengar berita. How are you?



It is a pleasant summer there. Enjoy it


yeah..but in reality it is quite difficult to isolate ourself from this kind of people.


I tergelak soalan frm distant learning student tu...Hey...it shows that even with hectic life you are still awets muda lah..hehehe....A compliment indeed!

sue said...

take care dear..and just ignore people who never want us to succeed..

simah said...

dear am..

u take ur responsibilities very seriously... ur dedication is to be admired definitely but it must be really tiring as they r already obviously taking their toll on u.. take care... dont be missing too long though..else we will miss u :0)

demonsinme said...

Melady Red Orchid:

Forgive me to have dared to ask of this -

would you grace me with a visit to my humble place, and honor me with your thoughts.

Share with all if there are wisdom to gain.

Blame me if its a nonsense trouble to start, and treat me as if I am a sour tart.

Again, forgive me for the leisure that I asked you to part.

Because I am a man who is certainly not smart.

Thank You.

idham said...

fokus fokus fokus puan anggerik....:)

semoga berjaya...


cikdinz said...

ingat phase ni. "if you can't bit them, join them"...heheheheee...

tapi ingat, jgn jadi mcm mereka...

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

I have mingled with many through work and society and associations...these small minded people are always around lurking. They are really parasites. They drain us of our juices. Cut off is the best solution but sometimes we cat cut off so kena ignore saja otherwise we alloow them to get at us...eeee...they are irritating indeed. I am currently faced with such people and am contemplating leaving an organisation...sigh. I dont consider that defeat. I consider that using my head..he he.

anggerik merah said...


yes definately. Wish everything is fine with you...and that cute baby of yours! U take care.


:-)...Yes..I will not be too long hiatus. How are you? I do think about you.

I do visit yr space but most of the time I am a silence reader. U take care my man!


thanks you to you. Will always remember to focus at time when my mind is drifted.

yes I say that all the time. But definately I will not want to be one of them. Macam2 orang macam2 ragam la ka..

Kak Ruby,

ahhh...you are now experiencing it too...I shut off my brain whenever such people are around..heheh.
Kak Ruby I have lost yr number. My PDA was stolen a week ago. Pls text me ye HP number again. Mine is still the same number.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

Ya lah...such people ni, either we ignore and if we cant we move/leave. Oh I belum bagi my hp ya? Will do. Btw, on the same day I lost the phone I received a letter from maxis that I am eligible to receive a free sony ericsson phone from them if I took a package which I could. Lovely outcome that. Anyway, macam2 lah AM...you take care dear.

anggerik merah said...

Kak Ruby,

I got yr number already from your email. I have to buy a new mobile sony ericson since I lost my precious O2 PDA..

Will be in touch.