Sunday, March 21, 2010

Recent get away

My recent get away for work...
Grand Winston Hotel in Risjkwick (sp?), Holand...See thru toilet

Near Westfield Mall in London

Al Aziz restaurant near Westfield mall, London

Jom Makan Restaurant, London

Belly dancing in Al Aziz Restaurant...came us a surprise to me and my fren

Stuck in the hotel room doing this for the weekend.. a new experience

Lobster at the restaurant (forgot the name) in London

In front of Hilton Kesington, London

In front of Hilton Kesington, London
Anggerik merah
March 21, 2010
11:30 pm

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good bye kak Ruby

Being away in a faraway land for almost a week, I came back to get a news that she has gone to meet the creator.

During my early days as a blogger, I always ensure that I remain as anon. And she was the first blogger I met in person in December 2006 at the time when I was extremely fragile and falling apart. Meeting her at The Chinois in KLCC was really a memorable one. To me, she is just like a sister I am searching for as a role model in life. She is so vibrant, lovely, full of energy and life... Our get together for a couple of hours was really a memory i never forget. Before saying goodbye to each other, I can see from her eyes that there was something she wanted to tell me..but it never came out from her. It kept me wonder for a while with my wild guessing.

We wanted to see each other again, but it never happen...we continued in blog world and cyberspace...and keep on asking each other when to have a cuppa again...

Now, she has gone back to where all of us shall be back. Just that her time has come earlier than all of us.

To my dearest Kak Ruby, may your soul rest in peace and we will miss you much..

March 18, 2010
1:37 pm