Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life journey

A week had passed. That 3 days made me reminisce my childhood memory, how I grown up to be who am I until now, the sweet & bitter experiences in life as how Allah had it planned for me. Soul searching, life role model, true happiness and the ultimate destination in life…. Indeed life is a journey.

It protrudes through my heart and soul…. It is a shocked that I was longing for a long time…. HE had made me see it true only several years ago… the detachment and the love is only for HIM. The rest is what HE had loaned me… That feeling had come and goes in this rat race world I am in. I know, deep inside me I can’t reach it out.

Thank you ALLAH for bringing me back to that moment… all my life YOU had determined my path in life. At time I was too weak to realize and to accept it. Always, I am trying to find an answer which was in fact already there in this humble little heart overshadowed with undefined and searching for the true meaning of happiness.

Barangsiapa yang berdoa pada-Ku pasti akan Aku kabulkan, barangsiapa yang memohon pada-Ku, pasti akan Aku beri, dan barangsiapa yang memohon ampun pada-Ku pasti akan Aku ampuni. (HR. Bukhari Muslim)

Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kami, Engkau lembutkan lah hati kami seluruh umat mu di muka bumi ini untuk mengabdikan diri hanya kepadaMu. Bimbinglah kami ke jalan yang lurus dan jalan yang Engkau redhai. Ampunkan lah dosa-dosa kami dan terimalah taubat kami.

Anggerik merah
Oct 25, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Demi matahari...

Demi Matahari Dan Sinarnya Di Pagi Hari..
Demi Bulan Apabila Mengiringi..
Demi Siang Apabila Menampakkan Diri..
Demi Malam Apabila Menutupi..
Demi Langit Dan Seluruh Binaannya..
Demi Bumi Dan Semua Yang Ada Di Permukaannya..
Demi Jiwa Dan Penyempurnaannya..
Allah Mengilhami Sukma Kebaikan Dan Keburukan..
Beruntung Lah Siapa Yang Mensucikannya..
Rugi Lah Siapa Yang Mengotorinya..

Angkatan ke -40 KL
16 Oct 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life without maid

House work is never ending and very repitetive to me. Sinking my weekend with house chores means less time for socialising and resting. We use to have a half day helper to do house cleaning but I am not very satisfied with her work. Many of my things "pecah" because her work style is so rough. I am looking for a new helper which can come twice a week and also doing ironing. Arranging to have one next week.

Yesterday another visit to Jentayu Spa to pamper myself.. The different this time is that I have to bare more than than usual during massage. It shows my deteriorating body after more than a month sans massage. Cycling do help to sweat and improve coordination. Much more work need to be done. I had enrolled myself for Celebrity Fitness Club to be opened next month just walking distance to a new mall. Keeping body and mind in synergy to keep going in life.

Anggerik Merah
Oct 11, 2009
12:17 pm

Friday, October 09, 2009

life goes on...

Still in the mood of raya. Full of Raya gathering at office and during weekend. Meeting old friends, new friends and relatives makes life more lively.

While the office work is tons and tons...never ending. Can't even re-distribute the work load properly. Meeting after meeting, workshop after workshop... make my blood goes upstairs when I feel so tired... Many NO coming from me. Forget about workoholic.... I am not....and struggle to get things done. Some new responsibility is given to me which I could not say NO if I want to stay in the corporate world unless I have other options.

But life goes on... and I am looking forward for weekend...cycling...

3 am
Oct 10, 2009