Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good-bye little Candy

It has been a year we had a little Candy with us. Tonite, we send her back to her owner.

Candy dear, thank you for filling our home, being part of our family and entertaining us with your Persian touch...definately you touch our heart. It is not easy to let you go, especially for big man and little man... but we would not be able to take care of you no more. May you be in a save hand and continue your life...

Love from our family.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Artis (Band): Yuni Shara / Melly Goeslaw

Sepi hati terjadi lagi
Mungkin sampai mati aku sepi
Biar senyum hadir di hariku
namun ini hanya ada di bibir
di bibir saja

Aku ini yang bisa mengerti
walaupun yang lain mau mengerti
Namun berat beban hidupku
biarkan saja
Biar saja hanya ku yang tahu

Sejarah cinta dan hidupku
penuh duri dan banyak ranjau
Butuh kesabaran yang penuh
untuk tetap ku berdiri

Oh.. ada saatnya ku bicara
bila hatiku telah bulat
Sepanjang ku bisa atasi semua
aku tetap diam

Woo.. sejarah cinta dan hidupku
penuh duri dan banyak ranjau
butuh kesabaran yang penuh
untuk tetap ku berdiri

Oh.. ada saatnya ku bicara
bila hatiku telah bulat
Sepanjang ku bisa atasi semua
aku tetap diam
Watched this movie last week at home on my mc day due to flu. Nice one...funny, traumatic, sad, happy etc etc... just like the say of "asam garam kehidupan"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Langkawi - part TWO

View from Verandah of traditional house at Bonton resort

Bath anyone?

Another view from Traditional house's verandah overlooking swimming pool

Inside the traditional house

Nice bed...

Chaklempong music at Makam Mahsuri

Makam Mahsuri

Laman padi - cabut semai

Laman padi - tenggala

Sunset at Bonton

How nice if all the time we could endulge ourself with the kampung life as above... to get away from the list below...

Captured from NST today...

1. IT (big man used to do while he was in corporate world...and still doing but now at his own time and wish)
2. Medicine / Caring Profession
3. Engineering (I am in this category...)
4. Sales and Marketing
5. Education
6. Finance
7. Human Resources
8. Operations
9. Production
10. Clerical TOP

1. Workload
2. Feeling undervalued
3. Deadlines
4. Type of work people have to do
5. Having to take on other people’s work
6. Lack of job satisfaction
7. Lack of control over the working day
8. Having to work long hours
9. Frustration with the working environment
10. Targets
Anyway, whatever we are doing...it is best to strike a balance in everything as life is too short...and we shall make the best of it...
Anggerik Merah
rumbling at 11:30 pm
Nov 4, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008


My office mate was confirmed having Esofagus cancer (stage 4), diabetic and suspected TB. It was as shocking news to all of us. Let us all pray that he will manage to get through this tough ordeal.

Saturday- lunch with newly wed and family members at home. Mak was the chef for cooking. A usual I was her assistant.

Sunday - rendavous in Ikea to buy some kitchen stuff. Had not been to Ikea for a while. As usual big crowd...which I don't really like. Then stopped over in Carrefour. Hadnot been there for ages. Most of the tie big man will do all the chores. Again...another place with big crowd. The point is that there is noplace in KL without any big crowd especially during weekend.


Nov 3, 2008

12:15 am