Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Langkawi - part TWO

View from Verandah of traditional house at Bonton resort

Bath anyone?

Another view from Traditional house's verandah overlooking swimming pool

Inside the traditional house

Nice bed...

Chaklempong music at Makam Mahsuri

Makam Mahsuri

Laman padi - cabut semai

Laman padi - tenggala

Sunset at Bonton

How nice if all the time we could endulge ourself with the kampung life as above... to get away from the list below...

Captured from NST today...

1. IT (big man used to do while he was in corporate world...and still doing but now at his own time and wish)
2. Medicine / Caring Profession
3. Engineering (I am in this category...)
4. Sales and Marketing
5. Education
6. Finance
7. Human Resources
8. Operations
9. Production
10. Clerical TOP

1. Workload
2. Feeling undervalued
3. Deadlines
4. Type of work people have to do
5. Having to take on other people’s work
6. Lack of job satisfaction
7. Lack of control over the working day
8. Having to work long hours
9. Frustration with the working environment
10. Targets
Anyway, whatever we are doing...it is best to strike a balance in everything as life is too short...and we shall make the best of it...
Anggerik Merah
rumbling at 11:30 pm
Nov 4, 2008


Pp said...

boleh sewa ka rumah traditional tu....i found the bed, sungguh inviting dan istimewa! the bath heheh mcm dalam cerita western zaman dulu2...

langkawi - a destination for repeat visit. I pun dah lima kali ke sana bersama anak2....last sekali sempat naik the cable car....seram!!!

nice pictures!

anggerik merah said...


Yes you can rent the house. Aha...the bed is nice and definately the bath is sooo traditional..unique.

We didn't have time for cable car. Maybe next time for family holiday..

Pp said...

a friend of mine is planning to vacation in langkawi in december during the raya haji period.
she is looking for suitable accomodation , near a beach and not too expensive.

pls rekomen jika ada yang anggerik sudah experience ...

she and her hubby are from iranians.

anggerik merah said...


Bonton maybe not suitable for Iranian. Place like this only westernest like.

Westin resort & spa is a place where most arabs like. But the beach is not as good as Chenang. Not having much experience a good place near beach and not too expensive, I could not recommend exactly which one is good. But my friend told me Pelangi Beach Resort ok jugak. But then I had never experience myself. That is why I hate to recommend. Nevertheless, I will ask around if any of my fren could recommend. It shows that I had not spend much time for holiday. All my travel is company sponsored. Family followed me to enjoy while I am at work. A reminder for me to go for holiday.

maklang said...

maklang insyaALlah nak keLangkawi..bulan 12 ni...barang2 murah tak??/

anggerik merah said...


kalu corelle tu memang murah. Yang lain AM tak lah pulak survey. Cuti sekolah tentu ramai orang. Enjoy it.

cikdinz said...

cun jugak resort ni...

anggerik merah said...


memang cunresort tu...but very expensive

Bunga Rampai said...

Bonton Resort - wow, saya terpikat melihat gambar-gambar tu! Satu hari nanti kalau saya betul-betul nak bermalas-malas,saya akan ke sini.

Salam AM :)