Sunday, November 02, 2008


My office mate was confirmed having Esofagus cancer (stage 4), diabetic and suspected TB. It was as shocking news to all of us. Let us all pray that he will manage to get through this tough ordeal.

Saturday- lunch with newly wed and family members at home. Mak was the chef for cooking. A usual I was her assistant.

Sunday - rendavous in Ikea to buy some kitchen stuff. Had not been to Ikea for a while. As usual big crowd...which I don't really like. Then stopped over in Carrefour. Hadnot been there for ages. Most of the tie big man will do all the chores. Again...another place with big crowd. The point is that there is noplace in KL without any big crowd especially during weekend.


Nov 3, 2008

12:15 am


Queen Of The House said...

AM... we went to Carrefour WMaju after the rain stopped. Ingat kan tak ramai orang but orang macam semut sampai tak ada parking, so we abandoned our plans. I think kat KL ni, it's just better to stay home at weekends and do our shopping on weekdays.

Prayers for your officemate. It's so sad. One of our nieces' punya husband is at advanced stage renal failure due to diabetes. Sad case too.

Zabs said...

Salam AM,
Mungkin selepas pesta open house berakhir, KL akn kurang sikit sesaknya. Kalau tidak kena tukar habit bershopping semasa hari bekerja.

Pp said...

anggerik....prayers for ur officemate tu...!

KL - memang tak nampak mcm gawat! ramai orang di pusat membeli belah....mcm pesta!

simah said...

the westin resort n spa looks wonderful! where is it in langkawi exactly akak?

i suppose the only no crowd place is to just simply stay at home i guess... memang suffocating kan bila u pergi somewhere n there is that tota crowd... pening kepala... u take care AM.. i am sure u r still busy with ur working life as usual...:0)

Bunga Rampai said...

Salam AM,

Semoga kawan sepejabat itu tabah menghadapinya. Semoga Allah memberinya kekuatan.

Aduuh, KL di hujung minggu menyesakkan dada. Lebih baik bersantai kat rumah :))

anggerik merah said...


By that time I was home already. Oh Gosh...I never understand Carefour WMaju...all the time full of people during weekend. To be honest with you...I hate going there.Most of the time I passed over whenever it appears to be too crowded. Big man goes there during weekdays to buy stuff.

Indeed, very sad whenever someone had to go thru this ordeal.Only He knows what is best. And all we can do is to keep injecting positive mind and encouragement to the person to keep fighting and dua for them.

Pak Zabs,

Aha... betul tu...lebih baik pergi masa hari kerja. But impossible for me as I will be dropped dead once reach home due to long distance travel.

apa khabar? Counting days for the challenge? Will miss reading your exciting writing for a month....but will definately wait..

KL is a live all the time...wonder if economic turmoil not really affecting people?



Yur little princess dah sembuh..happy to know..

Westin resort and spa just uphill from jeti Kuah...very nice and quiet place. Idel for honeymooners...and very expensive...Well..I will not spend that much if I want to use my money for the room.

After raya, things slow down a bit..i.e. no overseas travelling. Alhamdullilah. I need a break and to be close to family and holiday too. But next year will begin with full of activities again... So will take it easy while opportunity is there.

Yup...yup...pening kepala if too crowded for shopping..

anggerik merah said...

Bunga rampai,

Sama-sama kita doa kan untuk nya. Sedih saya tengok dia..

Betul tu...stay home lagi tenang and nyaman...

anggerik merah said...

Bunga rampai,

Sama-sama kita doa kan untuk nya. Sedih saya tengok dia..

Betul tu...stay home lagi tenang and nyaman...