Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life without maid

House work is never ending and very repitetive to me. Sinking my weekend with house chores means less time for socialising and resting. We use to have a half day helper to do house cleaning but I am not very satisfied with her work. Many of my things "pecah" because her work style is so rough. I am looking for a new helper which can come twice a week and also doing ironing. Arranging to have one next week.

Yesterday another visit to Jentayu Spa to pamper myself.. The different this time is that I have to bare more than than usual during massage. It shows my deteriorating body after more than a month sans massage. Cycling do help to sweat and improve coordination. Much more work need to be done. I had enrolled myself for Celebrity Fitness Club to be opened next month just walking distance to a new mall. Keeping body and mind in synergy to keep going in life.

Anggerik Merah
Oct 11, 2009
12:17 pm


Anonymous said...

larrr, i pun dok ingat2 nak blog abt this issue, sungguh kita ni satu kapai... :)


anggerik merah said...


aha...were are...:-)

Hope things goes well with you

Bunga Rampai said...

Salam Anggerik Merah :)

Beristirihat di Spa lepas penat-penat buat kerja rumah... yeah, bagus untuk badan dan minda!

Saya tak pernah cuba Jentayu Spa tapi dengar cerita treatment/hospitality berbaloi dengan apa yang kita bayar. Betul ke? Tq.

anggerik merah said...

Bunga Rampai,

Saya regular customer for Jentayu. Shiela Majid pernah tanya saya kenapa sangat datang jauh ke Spa ni. Saya bagitau yang saya sangat happy denagn treatment di Jentayu. Pernah pergi spa di Bali dan Jakarta tapi still I can't compare with Jentayu.

Ask for LIA if you wish to do treatment there. Maybe because of her I kept going there.

Bunga Rampai said...

Oh, good info tu! Thanks Anggerik Merah.

Well, yes, I should try. Moreover, I would very much like to meet Sheila Majid in person! ;) Err, ke situ pula tujuan ... hehehe.

Salam :)

Mama Rock said...

been without maid for nearly 2 years...i share your predicament too :)