Thursday, February 08, 2007


Berat bebanku
Separuh nafas jiwaku

Bukan salahmu
Apa dayaku
Mungkin benar cinta sejati
Tak berpihak
Pada kita

Sampai disini kisah kita
Jangan tangisi keadaannya
Bukan karena kita berbeda

Dengarkan lagu.....lagu ini
Melodi rintihan hati ini
Kisah kita berakhir di Januari
Selamat tinggal kisah sejatiku

Another beautiful song by Glen Fredly from soundtrack malay movie CINTA.

I love music, I can't deny, since my childhood days. But I never have a dream to be a singer or a composer or a song writer or something related to it. I could have been one if only this interest of mine was molded from little.

Anyway, I am happy just to enjoy and indulge myself into some beautiful songs which I had not done it for quite sometimes. Preferably those songs that touch my heart (aha...ala ala semonel lah tu!!!)...Then I spent sometimes to "melanun" these songs from internet before deciding to buy CD... hehehe...

Thinking of impossible...Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and live at the moment to be able to pause & reflect in life...Yes, in my dream only... :-)

Pix 1: Glassgow Airport leaving to KL in December 2006. A gloomy, windy and cool day of Scotland

Pix 2: My beloved lil man's eyes on TV screen. I love him dearly and we banter loads too

Pix 3: My lovely beautiful senorita aka my niece, Marissa Atifah, whom I professionally spoilt...I love her eyes

Pix 4: Dubai Airport on transit to UK in January 2007. A bright sunny day of United Arab Emirates

Pix 5: Free watch given by my old buddy. Thank you buddy! Finally I wear it after 1.5 years keeping it. Reason kept too long: not suitable for heavy duty activities in lab. more holding spanar & wrench and playing with chemical...time to wear the watch.

Oppp...I had spent my moment of time offtrack from my unfinished business...! Brain should have more than enough stimulant by now to keep moving on...

Till then...


cikdinz said...

lagu feveret tuh...

UglyButAdorable said...

hi r u? cinta something like love actually kan.. beautiful song though..

ruby ahmad said...
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ruby ahmad said...

Aduuuh! Derita tiada kata dengar lyrics ni my dear. Need tissues now. You take care.

Anonymous said...

Anggerik replied,


Ye ke..



I am ok. Thanks.Yes.
Kak Ruby dear,
But the song not really sad lah..nah tissue..heheh

You take care too.

Lollies said...

lagu ni mmg best.

cikdinz said...

we share the same lovely song haaa...tapi mmg best lah...