Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jentayu Spa

Kak Lady and QOTH asked me whereabout Jentayu Spa.

No 11, Jalan Gelenggang,
Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03: 2094 4428

Used to be called purisanti. One of the owners of this spa is Sheila Majid. If you are lucky, you will meet her there. I never been lucky so far. But the lady who treat me as her regular customer already told Sheila that I want to meet her...hehehe...She is my role model for the skin and fitness.

Until end of March, they have a very good promotion for spa treatment. And also on specific day of the month, they will give 40% discount on treatment. Worth trying! So far I never want to find other place as I am so very comfortable and satisfy with their services. Please call for detail.

Anggerik Merah, unofficial promoter for Jentayu Spa.


D said...

how much discount do you get? LOL

Nong said...

Are u back in KL for good? How's the bp readings. Hope they r ok. Love to try the spa treatment. Sounds nice...

Take care!

anggerik merah said...


hehehe..get the same discount as other customer...but but I like the treatment there. If you are back, you can try..


Kak Nong,
I am back in KL but will be back there on the need basis. By bp seems to be not much improvement. I do felt fatigue on and off especially when I am overly active. Anyway, I do loads of cycling on the alternate day to be fit. treatment so serene & calming. I rememebered also Sar & you went to spa treatment somewhere. You might want to try this one also. It is aromatherapy base treatment.

QOTH said...

Now I remember reading about Jentayu Spa! Yand dekat KLCC tu is Aspara Spa, I think.

AM, my hotmail account is no longer active. My email is

simah said...

mesti bestkan kalau dapat relax n enjoy urself being pampered kat spa center mcm ni.. u selalu ker pergi AM?

Kak Lady said...

Thanks Anggerik Merah for the info..nanti kak lady nak call...nak memanjakan diri sebelum cik abang balik nanti...heheheh

Ajzie said...

AM you di Malaysia ker?
Lama saya tak jenguk ke sini dah hilang kahbar berita daa..

ruby ahmad said...

Gosh my dear Anggerek Merah,

I had no idea you started blogging again..crikey! Duh! Left behind sikit. How have you been? 'T' ok dear? Once back please holler me ya. We go for coffee and gossip silly. Looking forward. Take care and good luck.

anggerik merah said...


Not sure abt the one at KLCC.
Will be in touch.


Yes selalu jugak pergi if I am here. A good one for body overhall.

Kak Lady,

yes. Wish you & family doing fine there.


Kak Ruby,

Back home. Loads of time spend with my two man catching up with lost time while fixing my T still...sigh..

Will definately holler you for coffee once I have chance.

Has said...

Anggerik; the BP should go down with the spa treatment; if not take pegaga juice; ada orang cakap its good

cikdinz said...

promote spa nampak....
ada dapat treatment free kaa ??

anggerik merah said...


my BP is on low side at normal condition. Anyway, so far I am managing it ok. Yes, pegaga juice is good. Have tried it long ago.



hehehe...tak dapat discount pun. I must tell Jentayu Spa that I am promoting it here.