Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Status: not so pleasant

Right now, I feel my body is falling apart. My head is very heavy. Maybe I had been crying a lot for the last 2 days. Why cry?? Too exhausted and trying hard to catch with time and had some traumatic experience in my subconscious mind. Since last nite I had acking body. I lost my appetite. I had not swallowed paracetamol for a very very long time but starting last nite I could not help it. Even sleep does not help much..the longer I sleep the more I felt tired....sigh..

When I am alone, I had become very emotional and buckets of water from my broken pipes...Check my calender...is it PMS again?...Emmm...why do I have to be too emotional during precious time like this?

Sorting out what to bring back with me is another things which make me feel so stressful as I could not bring too many and yet if I don't bring with me I might need it for my correction. God, please help me....At least, I need to stay healthy and not to fall sick. That is all I wish for right now. And I also wish that time is not pressing on me as I am afraid that I might have mental block to continue finishing my work.

I need a longgggggggggg break from many things now....


cikdinz said...

pepehal mental kena kuat.bukan dia yg control kita tp kita yg control dia sepenohnye...

have a nice wiken...

k.d said...

AM..I baca pun I sedih dengar. Nak tolong macam mana tu?

Dalam masa-masa gini..picture the end result...hopefully it will motivate you and help you to carry on.

Susah kini tapi lepas tu selesai dah. Cekalkan hati dan kepadaNya sahaja kita berdoa and tawakkal.

simah said...

i tak boleh tolong u.. but i can doa utk u.. take care dearest..

D said...

AM, to be where you are now means you have travelled so far. The journey is almost at its end. Fear not. Keep on. An amateur like me would say, talk to people and share your thoughts, InsyaAllah it'll help untangle some troubles. I am only at the beginning of the road and I am almost like you, so how???

Anonymous said...

AM, rasa macam nak terbang and give you a good tight hug. i totally understand how you are feeling. just this morning, i nearly cried (long story) sib baik ada hse mate. yes, abt the mental block tu, i know too. stop stressing (an advice for me too), and just break what you have to do to the smallest unit and tackle them one by one. me, if i think of all the things that I have to do, die lorr. so i take 1 unit and forget abt the rest, just focus on that 1 unit till its completed. AM dear, be strong, our journey is at its end dah. my hse mate pun wish you all the best. worst come to worst, just think that its not the end of the world. there is always a tomorrow, full of possibilities, full of hope that it will be 1000 times better than yesterday. and no matter HOW you do, tell yourself that you have accomplished a lot. be proud of what you have achieved so far, and be confident that you can achieve even more. the things that you are facing now are just hiccups everybody face in life (chewah pandai cakap noo) abt the stuff that you need to take. when in doubt take all, the less important stuff, ship kan aja. the stuff for corrections are more important. take care AM, my prayers are for you, lets get thru this together.


Lollies said...

persever am persevere. sikit je lagi

i pun tak sihat ni.

Anonymous said...

AM said,


terima kasih kerana meningatkan saya tnetang kekuatan mental


Thanks dear. Yes, the end result is always in my mind. Insyaallah...I will carry on no matter whatever it takes. I am too exhausted...just a short break I need.

thanks dear for the doa.



yes true indeed. It has been a long journey. So stay strong too. Sometimes we don't know what will come a long to test us.


thanks dear for a very long and motivating word. Insyaallah I am recovering. Too tired and catch flu. So I take a break to do it one at a time. If not, I will fall apart. Will YM to you. You take care too.



thanks dear. Hope you are recovering.

maklang said...

take care AM....jangan susah hati...InsyaAllah everything will fall into its place nicely...

do take care of yourself...


Anonymous said...

Am replied:

Mak Lang,
Thank you...