Monday, January 08, 2007

A short break that is...

My time here in KL is passing so quickly. Most of my time spent with my two man of my life. At time when both are not around –one at work and the other one at school, I was left with my maid. One thing I noticed, I don’t have much desire to blog or write entry. Every time I want to write, always some needed time to spend around house, chasing after food at different restaurant/home or coach my maid where to place this and that and what to cook. work is never finish.

I spend considerable time to clear up books and things brought back from UK. All the boxes shipped from UK arrived many months ago. We need extra bookshelf for sure. Books are so priceless even if we could find many info from internet. But it is still not the same as reading books.

Now the house is more organized as compared to the first time I got back. I just can’t see books lying on the floor and boxes unopened. So I spend sometimes to clear up the house. Then I feel more organized in my brain to do writing.

The one thing that drain out my energy is driving in the heavy traffic. Maybe because I am so used for many years driving from home to school is only 5 minutes. Getting into the heavy traffic to reach some place cause me to be flat at night. Most of the time I have to sleep first then woke up in the middle of early morning to catch-up with writing, check email, read blog. etc etc. That is life.

In a couple days I will be flying back. To most of my beloved blogger friends, my apology for not informing that I am back earlier. I wish to meet and get to know many new friends who willing to fren to me but time is really short for me. Insyaallah when I am back for good I would like to have the opportunity to call and meet blogger friends. This time I only manage to get in touch with few through phone and meet one lovely blogger friend.

My parents just arrived to spend these remaining days with me and my family. My house is full of people from today onward. Hence I will have to give undivided attention to everyone.

Take care everyone and thanks for your dua for me to get through this challenge of finishing my goal. May you achieve yours too.
Loads of LOVE from me.

Thot of the day:

Building Friendships

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you

-Dale Carnegie (1888-1955)-


D said...

enjoy the remaining days in la malaysie. when u're back into blogging, then we can set a cooking! no regrets, no worries...

ruby ahmad said...
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rubyahmad said...

Hi Anggerek merah,

That is a lovely quote by Carnegie. I agree with that. As we have discussed, I told my new found relative recently, that 'it is not being a relative to her that I would cherish, but the friendship struck that counts.'

Gosh! I ada terasa macam being mentioned in a special way up there..lovely. Have a good flight back to UK. Tabah my dear.

sue said...

happy new year..hope u enjoy spending time with lil man and family in malaysia and safe journey AM

simah said...

my doa will always be with achieve ur goal.. :0)

u r back in kl..that is sooo nice.. the 2 mens in ur life must be estatic..n ur longing to see them is satistfied for now..

enjoy ur time! peluk puas puas ur lil man :0)

maklang said...

sekarang pun nak call boleh...

u, take care too...

ninuk said...

you're back in town and gone again. isshhh macam biskut, kejap ada kejap takde.

anggerik merah said...


yes definately will set a cookin! Take care.

K Ruby,

Thanks for being so lovely and inspiring. Keep smiling, laughing and loving!



thanks. soon your little one will arrive. Let us know the good news. you take care too



thnks. wil be in touch. Take care!

will call when I am back next ime.



heheh...memang macam biskut.

It is replying comment, Anggerik