Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sharing life

June 18....

We have been blessed by ALMIGHTY for the life that we share until this moment...

Happy 20th Wedding anniversary to Anggerik Merah and his beloved big man...

Thanks for a lovely new ring...

Anggerik Merah

June 18, 2008


Anonymous said...


congratulations...... may there be another 20 and another 20 more at least

my 19th anniversary will be this november 10. you just gave me an idea....



bunga rampai said...

Salam AM,


Semoga kasih sayang terus mengikat hati, bersama redup cintaNya kalian berdua dipayungi bahagia untuk selamanya.


chinta said...

Happy 20th anniversary...

the love and respect you have for each other is inspiring to me and also people around you. It's a special pleasure to wish you many, many more happy years ahead.

a ring - what a romantic gift!

BabyGD said...


congratulations to you and your big man ;)

anggerik merah said...


Alhamdullilah, it feel like a dream to reach 20 years.

I got married 1 year earlier than you...

Yup..yup...good to have surprises..
Bunga Rampai,

Terima kasih..

Saya selalu terpegun dengan ayat-ayat Bunga Rampai..


We grow old together...

The ring has loads of story behind it. I lost my wedding ring long ago with similar design. I guest, this anniversary ring refeshing our marriage bonding..



Thanks so much.I had been to your space..Love your pictures

Has said...


heh he, sure you marah i nih.

showcase ring! tapi i nampak kulit tangan you, so i pun tengok tangan I. Mek, i think you kurang antioksidan ker kot?

anggerik merah said...


Me, will not marah... smiling reading your comment...:-)

hehehe....maybe true what you say...kulit tangan I. What do I do then?

Kak Long said...

wow, hadiah anniversary ek?

Anonymous said...

happy 20th. wedding anniversary...masih ingat lagi all memories pergi wedding you di perlis ... 20 yrs ago...tapi rasa macam baru je lagi.

Congratulation to you and your big man.

p/s: bila nak kumpul semua geng kita ni semula? Your anniversary celebration should be a good occasion for us to meet again.

hajjah N

Has said...

AM, banyakkan pengambilan antioksidan. Fresh veg and fruit juice. Also take omega 3 lots and less omega 6. Carrot juice pun best. Then vit E is good also, ambil minyak in capsule yang campur all the ferols.

Boleh sapu kulit dengan minyak kelapa dara. Actually boleh sapu kat lain-lain juga untuk gebukan kulit dan yang berkenaan.

anggerik merah said...

kak long,

yes...anniversary ring...Been to your space.


Hajjah N,

Terasa baru saja kan... Good idea about gathering. Had discussed with big man about gathering. Insyaallah will plan for.



thanks for the tips. Yes, I notice offlate I skip some juices and freah vege. Will try minyak kelapa dara.

Pp said...

here is wishing you a much belated 'happy anniversary' ...and may happiness and bliss of marriage stay with u forever.