Tuesday, February 21, 2006

To be here or not to be here..

Conversation with my lil man this morning.

Me: What happen to our plan earlier. The plan for you to come back during school holiday?

Him: Yes, I want to go there.

Me: I have to let you know..One, cartoon cannel is very limited to 2 channels and nothing after 8 pm. Different from what we had earlier. Two, I am staying in a small flat, upstair and small place. Three, there is no playstation...

Him: It is ok I can bring my playstation.

Me: How are you going to bring here.

Him: I can put in the bag. Yes, I will bring it with me.

Me: Four, who is going to be with you when I am at school?

Him: How about kakak I?

Me: No, she cannot come here again. She will get stucked at immigration as before.

Him: Emmm...my other friends?

Me: Not sure if they are still here. They might have gone back to Msia at that time.

Him: But ...I can follow you to your office.

Me: You might get bored staying in my office doing nothing.

Him: I can bring my game boy and lower down the voice not to disturb anyone there..

Me: Are you sure you really want to spend your school holiday here?

Him: Yesss... very sure.

Me: How many percent sure are you?

Him: half a percent...erggg... I mean 50%.

Me: Ok then, give it some more time for you to think about it. 50% means yes and no...to be here or not to be here.. Good nite darling I love you..

Him: I love you tooo

Me: I miss you and sweet dream

Him: I miss you


dr in the house said...

Big decision for a small boy...

ninuk said...

fenin jugak memikirkannya. kira senang lambung duit ... kepala pergi, ekor tak pergi.

Queen Of The House said...

Decisions based on ada Cartoon Network/Disney Channel tak, ada Playstation tak, berani dok rmah sorang2 tak? big decision for little man, like DITH said :) I am sure his presence will be a great pengubat rindu for you.

Kalau dulu, dia tinggal kat rumah dengan siapa masa you pi office/classes?

JoKontan said...

What Arip (5 tahun)did was, after being psycho-ed by his sister not to follow us...

'minnie minnie maini more...'

OK arip ikot.

Bila sudah ikot, apa yang dihajati tak dapat,.. melalakla dia.

sya said...

What a matured boy u have.. AM.. bertuah u

Kak Lady said...

AM..pandai dia fikirkan cara-cara untuk membuat diri dia tak bosan...asalkan dia dapat green light dari u...

He missed u so much.. :)

~ahni~ said...

payah betul nak buat decision tu kan...

torts said...

Hi AM, thanks for visiting.
You'd get thru your predicaments alright.. with all the wonderful people around you, insyaallah.

anggerik merah said...

DITH, yes indeed. I trained him to be able to make decision and reason out what his wishes. But deep in my heart, I want to have him here next to me. Will try to find means and ways to let him be here for a while.

ninuk, head or tail..:-)

QOTH, I have someone staying with me on the basis of visitor's visa.

JO,cute Arip!

Sya, he is my baby and my lil man at the same time. Your selections of songs entertained me since the last 2 days. I always start with "Mencintaimu".

Kaklady, yes, he miss me. I asked the big man to cuddle and kiss him every nite before he goes to sleep the way I always do it to him.

ah ni gonchaq, true..:-))

torts, welcome. I enjoy reading yr entry! With all nice puisi yang penuh makna.I wish I still have that talent in me. Not anymore. You one strong woman. Take care!

maklang said...

Anak mana yang tak nak dekat dengan mama dia. And its true also for the mama....

Take care....;}