Friday, July 20, 2007

Learning to walk again..

Almost 2 months ago, I had sprained my anckle. I did what I need to do to reduce the imflammation using the deep heating rub and anckle support. My degree of tolerance for pain is quite high so that I managed to switch off my brain not to feel it. The pain went away and only once in a while it came back. With my excessive walking during weekend, I felt the intense pain again. Even using the foot massage does not help.

Today, I went to see specialist to know what happen to my anckle. The first thing the doctor scolded me for not coming earlier. I explained to him about my thinking that it will go away with the deep heating rub as advice by pharmacist. Physical examination done on my anckle suggested that I might torn two of my ligament. The xray was not very clear which suggested also might be the bone is off position and might be some small crack. But it is not certain. The doctor was only thinking about the need of operation. My eyes bulging out as I heard that. As a temporary measure, I have to wear the anckle brace and take medicine to reduce swelling for the next 2 weeks. Then my case will be re-examined. Hoping that things will improve with this temporary measure...

I am now learning to walk again.... This make me realise that my feet has been my valuable asset as I love to walk very fast. Movement inpired me and energised my brain. Now that I can't do that anymore for a time being (a temporarily OKU) blessed with what had given to me..Maybe a step by step footprint will make me feel more relax and enjoy the moment rather than impatiently running a thousand miles marathon most of the time.

Reflecting on learning to walk again...

July 20, 2007

Mila AF5 - Persis Mutiara
Lagu: AjaiLirik: Loloq (Luncai Emas Publishing Sdn Bhd)

Biar kau tunduk bisu
Aku tahu
Gelora hatimu
Engkau mahu
Aku lafazkan rindu

Biar kau hanya diam
Aku selam
Jiwamu terdalam
Perasaan cintamu yang kau pendam

Kata paling terindah
Tak mungkin bisa ucapkan
Hakikat rasa yang ku rasakan
Pabila ku renung ke matamu
Terlihat ku hatimu kasih
Persis mutiara

Sinarmu mendamaikan
Insan yang lelah mengembara
Tak terbilang kesan-kesan luka
Titis hujan airmata
Tenang sebentar pedih semula

Buatku rasa gentar
Membisikkan hasrat hati sebenar
Sekalipun engkau inginku lamar


demonsinme said...

Melady Red Orchid:

No comments just a gift for you to share with your loved ones.


Neither diamonds nor golden rings,
even crowns of a king,
or the breasts of queen,
shall mend this lonely sting,
if you whom my heart sing,
hid like the moon in morning,
and shy like the sun in the evening,
leaving me forever yearning,
for the kiss from the one I call darling.

Has said...

Happy birthday AM, he he esok nak tulis, will be belated. I sibuk skt skg.

anggerik merah said...


so lovely. Thanks. Will share with my loved ones.


TQ. I thot I turn to teenage today...hehehe..
I understand you have much on yr plate right nevertheless yr strength is kept on thickening...I envy you for who you are my dear!
I had email you my recent tembam pic last nite. Check it out! Tae care..