Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When money is never enough

I was evaluating my paycheque and the commitment I had on using my paycheque. Funny that almost toward end of the month, I left with thin margin until another paycheque comes in.

What do I do with my money? Well…my outfit especially for office attire is most of them I can’t zip up. Seriously due to my horizontal expansion since I am back here. I spend quite a lot for new office attire. Never thought that I have to spend that much since most of my office attire was untouchable for almost 4 years. But the reality is that I have to start all over again from being a student with simple outfit back to corporate look attire. Not that I am complaining when thinking about how fortunate I am compared to others. Just that spending which I did not very much anticipate earlier.

It is quite expected to begin new life, to start all over again since most of the household was disposed 4 years ago. Being so particular about health, I spend quiet a lot for things such as RX water filter for healthier water consumption, Osim massage chair for massaging tired body, reasonably good mountain bike and accessories for maintaining stamina and cosmetic to fix my damage skin due to over stress during student days. Another necessities is new car loan payment, fuel cost with 100 km/day total distance travel to/fro office, toll, car wash etc etc.. All of these are a mix of must and need expenses. Of course all of this is after minus my personal commitment to family and investment. Of all this, I was reflecting how simple life was when I was a student and away from home country.

In my wish list, is to control my spending since I had what I need now, more savings and most importantly more “sedekah” to the needy. Insyaallah with Allah bless, I will work myself up with my innate talent, knowledge and skill to contribute more and also give away more.

This song by Ella really attract me...

Seumpama rama-rama…
terbang bebas diudara tanpa ada halangan
Aman damai…suka2
Riangria tanpa adarasa duka sengketa..rama2

Ekspresi dirimu menawan hatiku
Ingin aku terbang bersamamu
melihat karenah melihat telatah..
manusia yang sering telagah

Ekpedisi ini bagai tiada henti..
kan menjadi antologi diri..
Terhentilah mimpi terhapuslah sepi
Sanubari yang lebih berani

Terminal yang pasti satu fitrah hati
kerana yang sejati tiada gentar lagi
Terbanglah kesini mancari abadi
Terbanglah kemari mencari hakiki

Seumpama rama-rama
Melewati panorama yang penuh warna warni
Taman bunga taman damai
Dengan aksi lincah

berputik hidup yang harmoni

June 27, 2007


simah said...

eh ella stil menaynyi ker?

well..looking at how u have to spend ur things, it is no wonder la u r left with a thin margin by the end of the month....

do u miss the study time life where u could chase the ducks etc etc?

u sound much better though..coz the last time i read ur entry.. u sounded so down n tired...almost as if u r burn out...take care :0)

anggerik merah said...

simah dear,

yes..ella masih nyanyi. Her song memang best.

emm...I am a spender culprit too...

You bet...I miss the duck pond when I feel like having peace of mind. Life is veru hectic in KL.

Alhamdullilah I am physically fit..tu yang semakin montel..hehehe. Almost burn out..very true.

maklang said... attire and jalan2 boleh tukar taklah kena spend banyak sangat...

take care!

anggerik merah said...


tu lah...saya punya office attire or jalan-jalan mostly dah tak muat. Since back here, I dah put on weight..heheh.

Maklang, u take care too!

JoKontan said...

Mebbe a self taught Personal Financial Plan would help.

First, list down in excel sheet, what you have as assets.
In this case, nice flawless radiant, glowing skin is NOT an asset. Ha ha.

Car is also not an asset.

Second step, lain kali laa kot...

Mahap Jo merapu.


Anonymous said...

Navigating the Social World by Jeanette McAfee. Heard that its good for Aspies. Hope to see you soon, though life is so crazy right now.


Has said...

AM, beli baju sendiri juga, lepas penat bekerja. Eh lebar ker? Tapi masalahnya tak boleh visualize sebab tak pernah tengok gambar you.

Birthday dah dekat, apa hadiah untuk diri sendiri?

anggerik merah said...


hehehe..please continue with second step...more tips please..

Alamak, I thot flawless nice radiant skin tu asset jugak..hahaha

Thanks. Will check on that book. Hope you have settle down peacefully now. I know, it is tough ..

We are near yet still far...asyik tak menjadi nak jumpa.. U take care!


I never realised that you had not seen my pic. Will send to you. Yes, ada lebar and buncit ..heheh

Yes, I almost forgot about b'day coming soon. Patutlah I dok ingat you offlate. Oh boy...time flies. Only last year I remember we were communicating thru sms...and yours is sooner... U take care!

cikdinz said...

uiikkkk...tetiba kuar lagu ella.
apa motis nya. apa hubung kait ngan kesah kat atas.
tak paham lar....

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek merah,

I have laughed at this expression tol to me by my hair stylist, 'Money is not everything...then he paused and looked cheekily at me, It is the ONLY thing..ha ha. Take care AM.

anggerik merah said...


lagu Ella tu tak ada kena mengena dengan apa yang ditulis. Cuma suka lagu tu...ada messagenya..


Hi Kak Ruby,

hehehe...very true indeed..Money is the ONLY thing..U take care too.