Saturday, February 14, 2009

A home

I drove into that area and parked my car in front of it. I sat back and look at it. My imagination went wild as I started to see that home is a complete home already. A home for our future retirement as we called it. A place we chose to be. A decision which we made as quick as our heart & mind decided to proceed.

A home, not only for our little family but also, I imagine both my parents and in-law will find a place for them when they need their child to take care of them. A place for all my relative to lepak-lepak, have BBQ during weekend away from hectic town life. A place for the little one to run around and bergasak within the compound. Although it is not a big home...but it will be a home with full of rainbows and life. That far my imagination went as I look at that home while in my car. A place I call "a home".

This morning, I woke up early after a quite hectic weekdays with travel and also many-many meeting, all of it full of challenges and I did too much of talking. Hence my level of excitement and anxiety went sky up.... I ended up too exhausted, can't sleep well at nite also. Preparing for overseas travel which lining up soon is also drain some energy out of me.

So, last nite was a nite which I drop dead on bed not knowing what was happening. It is good that I woke up feeling very fresh this morning and ready for my routine 10 km cycling..ala ala Le tour de Langkawi (again my wild imagination...). I asked big man to come with me. He responded..." I can't sleep last snorred and it was very loud, so I need to sleep now"... Oh dear... I thought I slept peacefully...Age catching up???...or something seriously wrong with my nose and air passage...

Big man just woke up, and he gave me a sweet kiss on lip... :-)

Have a nice weekend uol

"Love is in the air".... it should be everyday...not just today!

Anggerik merah
February 14, 2009
9:00 AM


ruby ahmad said...

Here's wishing you a Happy Valentine's day.

QOTH said...

Ya, must be age catching up ;) My husband says I snore too sometimes, kuat pulak tu. Must be on days I feel very very tired. SUngguh tak ayu!

Where do you cycle, AM? Sounds exciting.

ANd by the way .... hope you'll enjoy the new home and have fun decorating when it's ready.

anggerik merah said...

Kak Ruby dear,
May many many more LOVE grow in yr heart


hehehe...yes that is it..age I guess.

Around my area every weekend. Didn't go far sebab belum ada geng. Come and join me..It is very exciting!

Nong said...

Home sweet home, and it is where the heart is...

I have not been to the gym lately and feel so lembab... Sakit belakang tak baik2 lagi.

JoKontan said...

Cycling is Nice..

Sober exsercise (sp?) with less impack on joints (especially at our age.. uuuh)

Been thinking to get the tandem bike laa. Yang boleh naik dua orang segali gus tuu. Naik ngan maam sekali. Best kann.

Or ajak my anak dara yang dua orang tuu join skali.

Excercise (sp?) we must !!

anggerik merah said...

Kak Nong,

Be careful going to gym with yr sakit belakang. I suggest sort out yr sakit belakng dulu. Hope you get well soon.
Adik Jo,

Aha...tu lah cycle is the best bila lutut dah a bit deterioarating. Tandem bike tu nampak best. I saw a coupe cycle it last weekend. Yup, dengan maam sekali lagi best.. You are lucky with so many girls and boys to ajak cycle... Go Jo go..!

chinta said...

I miss my home la....AM mesti tak sabar nak decorate nie!!:)