Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Opppp....my entry is already overdue by 2 weeks. Back from Chiba and a short 3 hours wondering around AKASUKA was so fast leaving my memory. Too much going on everyday and I don't even have time to transfer some pictures taken.

After came back...presentation to VP, presentation to community of practice, write report on trip, and many many more.....more to come...never ending. Just take it one at a time...that is my philosophy. If I need to hide away...I will do.

Just like today.. with office attire I work at home to prepare for another talk on Thursday. Strategise what to say in my brain...things that I had not done for for sometimes. Need some recall and reading on the subject matter. But I must admit, I like it...the etchnical presentation I mean... better than presentation to Management which always ask about value creation...and value creation all the time. I am bored with the same questions...People under Technology and Research Management needs those thing from us...poor fellow researchers and I must admit a low paid brain too...

BTW, I will be travelling again mid of next month. This time very far. I better enjoy it....work hard/smart and enjoy/play hard too..


July 15
9 pm


Has said...


Hang dok unwind kat computer masa tu. Tak tengok debat ker? Alamak, orang dok hangat bincang fasal organisasi hang!

anggerik merah said...


hehehe...tengok jugak...cannot miss that one. Very important.

cikdinz said...

tak habeh-habeh travel nampak nya. gi mana lepas ni....

chinta said...

Miss you!! AKASUKA? whereabout? So, where is the next place? syoknye jalan2..

anggerik merah said...


jalan-jalan kerja...kalau holiday lagi best


AKATSUKA tu d Japan. Hope everything is fine with you. Miss you too

bunga rampai said...

Salam AM :)

Travelling atas alasan apa sekali pun adalah sesuatu yang menyeronokkan, menyegarkan, dan yang penting menyuburkan jiwa.

anggerik merah said...

salam bunga rampai,

memang benar apa yang diperkatakan...melihat dunia dari sudut yang berbeza.

Entahlah kenapa jari-jari kerdil saya ni tak tergerak untuk berkongsi tentang pengalaman saya. Semuanya bertahta di benak hari dan kepala saya..