Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Little girl

I could not find appropriate title..so i call it LITTLE GIRL

& my break from posting entry last for one week.

Last Sunday I was with my ex-boss (and I still call him “Boss” until now) whom was a backbone of my career development within the company. I reported to him the first day I joined the company and had been his subordinate for nearly 10 years. Being a person he is, he was not only ex-boss to many of us but he remains as a friend and family friend even after his retirement from the company. Now, he pursued his career as an academician after retirement.

Even with his new post as academician he is still a person who never fails to support development and career opportunity for his subordinate or whoever needs advice from him. I am sure many bosses similar to him out there. It is just a matter of how fortunate we are to have opportunity to work with such person who could see our potential and natural talent to groom us appropriately to reach to maximum potential.

Sometimes, we have to mould our self to a company requirement as changes are expected with time. Some people decided to leave the company and do something which close to their heart. Some would take challenge of new opportunity and roles within the company. I am the one who take challenge on new opportunity within the company and I would consider myself loyal to the company I work with.

Coming back to my ex-boss, he used to call me “little girl” when I was his subordinate…hehehe…But beyond that I am matured enough through years to be called “little woman”.. So we could talk and make jokes openly without me blushing. It is enough to create smile and laugh…

The last time we met was 2 years ago when he came here with his wife and stayed a month with my family. We had great time and we really enjoyed their accompany. His wife cooked for lunch and dinner while my niece who was staying with me had opportunity to learn mouth watering cooking form her. I didn’t have opportunity because at that time as I was submerged myself most of the time in the lab. I only came back home to eat already prepared food and sleep when needed.

A kind of fatherly hug I received from him on Sunday..really bring a warm feeling of someone who cares and look after me. For the last two nights several of us had dinner gathering with him, my other high level ex-boss and another Doc (three of them travel together). They were here for business trip and also meeting students from their university. Loads of encouragement, advice and wisdom words from them to reflect our purpose, responsibilities, sacrifices and hopes being here.

To me and others too, it really injects loads of energy to strive and accomplish our mission here despite of many challenges. Loads I came to know about new development within the company and opportunity where I can have a choice to fit into the organisation when I am back. I told them I am really looking forward to be back and I feel that I need to get away from this environment. It is a mix of positive and negative vibes from what I had said to them. Well, I speak my mind out..whatever I think.

Just a couple hours ago, another pat in the back I received from my ex-boss before he left. Also a good-bye and loads of encouragement from the other two gentlemen. I almost broke my tears but I hide with a smile when they said to me.."we will doa a lot for you, you also must doa a lot". I left with saying “thank you”. They asked me when I am planning to be back…and I told them again today as I mentioned to them last two days. I had a small laugh when they said "do come back to join us"…I said “Insyaallah”.

I guess I am really need to boost up my energy and to be stimulated. In some instant I feel as if I am still a little girl… am I?

Nov 7, 2006 13:39


rubyahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

There is always the 'LITTLE GIRL' in us. That's what makes us interesting. Sometimes we are our matured self, guarded and measured in our ways and sometimes we are the cute girl we used to be..adventurous and game.

So the tension adds to the attractiveness of of the mystery in us. Let no one read us like a book..he he.

Idham said...

hey there little girl...so happy to see a little hirl in there...:)
this is a "hai" from a biy who refused to grow up...hehehehe...
lucky u to hv such a wonderful person as ur boss, ur mentor and ur good friend.
treasure the rekationship...not many of them around in this cat eat cat world.

chim up little girl...and hugs from this boy!

Urs truely.

oldtown~Smell the Roses said...

hi 'Little Girl'...hehehe...baca n3 ni mengingatkan nani kat my supervisor yg best!

Nong said...

You are lucky to have a boss or ex-boss yang caring. You must be like a child to him...

Somehow there's always that 'little girl' in us all the time.

Take care...

atenah said...

insyaAllah, AM, we will be back soon!! :) soon!!

Count Byron said...

Your ex-Boss is a man of integrity, a friend, a pious person with clean heart. And AM, yes.. you are that little girl.. you deserve to be that little girl.. and you will always be that little girl no matter how many other facades you have to put up to face the world.
Hey there little girl! You indeed are blessed.

simah said...

there will always be that little girl lurking around somewhere inside u..that leads to the little woman in u :0)

~ GAB ~ said...

Weheyyy... you are lucky to have an ex-boss with a big heart like him. Nice to have feeling as if you are still a little girl, for comfort and security, someone to care for you.

Hey li'l girl, I wish I was that ex-boss.