Sunday, June 17, 2007

From AM's desk

I had been silence on writing my entry. Reasons being many things happenings. I have to indulge myself with workload during weekdays in order to stay positive and to keep going. Spending my time loads with giving talk, presentation and advising juniors staff in the dept on research area related to my previous experiences. Enough to keep me going back on track.

As far as personal matters is concerned, I was made to be in another dimension which is I had never thot of . It takes me a while to accept and deal with it. At certain point, I was really paranoid about many things that happened around me, with my family, at my office etc. Nevertheless, I tried hard to not to think about it so much so that I could keep my spirit and faith strong enough to carry on with life. The most important is that I want to be able to have a control of my life.

The last few weekends, my schedule is occupied with wedding, hospital visits etc etc. This weekend, the three of us (big man, lil man and I), went out of town to east coast to spend time together. We had a good time walking along beach, soak ourself in the swimming pool , enjoyed the delicacies of east coast i.e. keropok lekor, sata and otak-otak plus coconut water. Spending time together was part of celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary. The greatest happiness is to observe lil man enjoy himself playing along the beach, burying with sand, soaking into the sea and sitting on the ocean wave.

Happy father's day to all fathers out there.

Will be back to share if I had a chance.

From AM’s desk
June 17, 2007


cikdinz said...

so busy huh.....

Unknown said...

:) yeayyy....happy anniversarry....!!! yang ke 19 tu...congrats!!

and wishing u many many more happy times ahead!


Unknown said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

Waduh! Happy 19th Anniversary to you both. well done sis. Yeah! I ahve been busy too. Baru nak unwind sikit and then busy again with another project. Heyy my dear, I am spotting very short hair now...he he. I kinda love the new look. Anyway you take care ok. Cheers.

aNIe said...

Lamanya AM menyepi...Happy 19th Anniversary ye...semoga berbahagia selalu....hingga ke akhir hayat

izzsofead said...

Good that your're back with new N3. Happy 19th Anniversary!!

anggerik merah said...

yelah..terkejar2...rate race life!

TQ...hehehe...dah 19 years.
Kak Ruby,

TQ. I am taking a peek at yr new hair style. look younger everyday. U take care too.

Kak Lady,
TQ for wishes. Semuga Kak Lady pun berbahagia selalu.
TQ for wishes. Much I want to share but but tak sempat nak tulis. BY the time mengadap PC idea pun gone..U take care!

Unknown said...

Hi AM,

Please visit my blog. Have some pix for you. Mengisi permintaan anda..he he!

Norma Kassim PhD said...

salam AM

anggerik merah said...

Kak Ruby,

yes yes...been to ye blog to see yr pic. Thank you so much. You mean the one on right corner? Heheh... I am imagining a bigger pic..nevertheless as I kept always look ever so lovely.. Post more pics of yr new look please...
Kak Norma,

wish you well by now. Will be in touch. Take care.

NorAiniJ said...

19th year wedding anniversary? Wow, congrats to AM and Mr AM!!!

Unknown said...

anggerik....ada masa nanti batkan my TAG tu ye..:)

target to get fifty before 26th ogos.


simah said...

happy belated 19th anniversary AM dear... n happy belated father's day to ur big man...

dulu masa buat phd..u sibuk cara lain.. sekarang u sibuk cara lain... i am beginning to think that u will never be tak sibuk...

i miss ur entries tau...

take care..*hugs*

HCI said...

AM, wah 19th, mine just 8th, baru gak celebrate dalam wad, fall on his first post op day. what a celebration, my gift urinal service, he he he.

Lollies said...

oohh happy annivessary. wow 19th year! wow! wow! wow!

anggerik merah said...


TQ...I am blush..

ok...will check TAG yang mana satu..lupa dah..



aha tu lah...coming to think about it betul apa yang you kata...I need to learn how not to sibuk...hehehe..

Suka tengok yr new swimming suit tu. U take care tau!


TQ. tulah times moves so fast kan. Happy belated 8th anniversary to both of you. A romantic couple indeed. Urinal service as a gift is a special gift! U take care.

TQ...I am blush...heheh

You know what...recently I found out ramainya my old friend in Qatar apart from you know who.