Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hi BIG BOY --- part two

This is baby Alif when he was 4 day old. Now he is 2 months already.


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerel Merah,

Lil man and Alif are such good looking boys. Love the photos, best! There's this calming effect children have on us kan? Maybe because they are so unpretentious and real. Keep well dear.

Has said...

AM, Baby Alif ni anak baru you ker?

anggerik merah said...

Hi Kak Ruby,

"You are always on my mind"...this song is for you..

Very true indeed. Kids are so honest and real.


Has, Alif is my sister's third child. I promote to my sister to get pregnant...mulut I ni masin...this baby boy arrived in this world with me around in the labor room....

My mom said, baby Alif now look like my lil man...

simah said...

memang cantik la photo lil man n alif...

so sweettttttt...

congrats to ur sister! eh u tak nak tambah ker? or u dah stop at one?

Has said...

AM, boleh gak jadi your baby. lagi senang, mak dia jaga, kita claim ownership jer dan kongsi rezeki nanti.

cikdinz said...

kejap je dah 2 month kan. cepat nye. sat gi dia dah leh merangkak. pastu bertatih. than berjalan dan berlari.........

Lollies said...

phew. i ingatkan baby you tadi. not that i dont want you to have a nother baby. i just thought how come i don't know you ada another baby.

babies have the best smell on earth

anggerik merah said...


hehehe...I tumpang main dengan anak saudar I aja...

exactly..that is how I think about it..


memang baby cepat besar...dan kita pun terlupa yang kita semakin berumur...heheh


aha tu lah...kalau ada ada sorang lagi baby surely tak sempat I nak blog ...hahahah...sebab mengadap baby saja..

The first few days after my sister came back from hospital, she stayed at my house. Everyday I was so excited coming home to play with the baby...the smell, the cute parts of body..geram..

Kak Teh said...

AM, no one trusts me with little babies. I either bite them or cubit! Geramnyaaa pipi!

ADIEJIN said...

AM..oi AM.. jumpa jugak awak punya blog..welcomeback to malaya..(belated greetings)

anggerik merah said...

Kak Teh,

memang geram kan...I always kacau baby yang tidur suruh bangun...cute to know that you gigit them...hehehe

Jin ooo Jin...hang apa habaq?..dah hidup semula, share more of yr story..

Tq Jin...Malaya here me come...dah a few months being back...but I miss my old kampung more peaceful there but lonely..

cikdinz said...

alaa... jgn lah cakap berumur. malu eih...heheheeee...

Idham said...

greetings anggerik...:)

cimey2 tu ...suka sgt tgk gambar babies....

ada hajat ka?

abg id

anggerik merah said...


heheh...kita dah mature instead of berumur..tapi still young at heart..


saya pun suka tengok gambar yang macam2 kerenah baby. Hajat untuk tumpang kasih & main anak adik ada la..

I am happy to see you bounch back even at tough time...kudos tu you! Love yr spirit.

demonsinme said...

Melady Red Orchid:

A gift for you and child.

Forgive me if this is too long, it is the only way I know to show repect and awe to thoughts of a friend in this intangible plane.

Seeing Blind

I am new here,
I came from a land of the bewildered,
I have no friends nor lover.

Would you come closer to this tired traveler,
so that I can see you a little bit clearer,
please do not have no fear,
as I am a paralized blind from ear to ear,
a gift i got from me deeds in the coming years,
as a sentinel for devilish deers.

Now, now, do not be wary,
as a blind could never see,
there fore I could never pinch your little tootsy,
like what the demonic diety did to me,
so there is nothing for you to worry.

What is that you said in me hands you see?
that makes you head go weepity wee,
ahh, no, no, don't you go awry,
I'll tell you of the things I brought with me,
so you'll see a what a blind man sees.

A wand in my left and and a torch in me right hand,
is much appropriate for a blinded man,
one for shining the routes to thid land,
the other for telling an enemy from a friend.

A straight line crossed with a cresent on my neck,
a sign of me religous pack,
an order of sinning saints,
who seeks the pleasures of pain,
in hope one day I will again,
be a saintly sinner who preaches out pious blasmephemies,
making me an enemy pf the blasphemous piety.

As for this coarse velvet that I wore,
I know it is an eye spre,
but it is a precious gift from me lady whore,
who reminds me we are whoring ladies,
who love to be barbaric gentlemen,
and kill gentlemen barbaricly.

Worry not child,
as i am blind as a blind could be,
and all I know is the darkness that in it you be,
it is the light that helps me see.

Kak Lady said...

Ingatkan baby baru AM...heheh...comelnya dia cute..

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek merah,

Just dropped by to say hello dear. Hope things are going good for you. Keep well and take care.

Queen Of The House said...

AM how are you? Lama tak update ... busy kot?

(Baby Alif pun dah besar kan?....)

oldtown~Smell the Roses said...

Lama tak jenguk sini. Bz ye..don't be tension and enjoy ur life!Hopefully sume ok.

fayrahim said...

babies are such adorable creatures arent they.

you're blessed!

anggerik merah said...


TQ. It is lovely.

kak lady,

memang comei...geram tengok dia.

kak Ruby,
same to you. Tq

yes...busy with work and family matters. Tak sempat nak update.
Dah besar sikenit tu.



Yes. I am ok. TQ. Wish you too.

yes in deed.

IzzSofeAd said...

Dear AM, was bloghopped and tersangkut at your blog. Read all yr N3s from the beginning (took me 5 solid hrs, so glued like reading good novel-kebetulan my hubby outstations). Admire & salute at your courage to live in faraway land with yr only child leaving yr H back in M'sia and later on had a short separation period wt yr child.

I can't help but have tears in my eyes as I read yr N3s during yr separation period wt Lil man. Mother's instinct I guess, as I'm also a mom, of 3. Cam baca novel sedih pulak, meleleh2 airmata I. Anyway, now that yr back home, do enjoy yr life, take care of Lil man. Whatever he's having right now, tentu ada hikmah dari Nya. Cheers!!!

anggerik merah said...


thanks for hopping in. And I had been to yours too.

I am shy to know that you went thru all my previous entry...a lot to learn from the past..