Friday, May 11, 2007

Been too BZ running

Been too BZ running between Lil man's school, Big man's hospital, office, student examiner task at hotel and house giving me no chance to download my draft entry in my brain.

One of my wish lists is to have some kind of recorder attached directly from my brain and translating into words then I can automatically post the N3. I had seen in TV the R&D on this type of future technology.

Emmm... life is too much depending on technology nowdays.

Anyway, let me wish:

HAPPY Mother's Day to every mother, mother's to be and all woman out there

...keep moving and stay strong!


NJ said...

I know what it feels like, all the running around like headless chicken. But I guess all the going around will make us forever young (at heart anyway)...hehe

Hang in there dear!

bunga rampai said...

Salam Anggerik Merah,

Selamat Hari Ibu juga:)

Moga sihat ceria ...

Idham said... special wish to you dear anggerik...HaPPy mom's day fully deserve all the love this day can accord. what you are doing and going through - is seen by Allah...may He continue to bless you ...

abg id.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

I sure would like that special gadget too. WOW!

Heyy..'Happy Mother's Day' to you and all beautiful mums.

Has said...

AM, I don't know about the gadget, nantikan dia decode and publish N3 from your subconscious mind, haru-biru jadinya, he he he.

Queen Of The House said...

Anggerik, I saw yesterday on Jimmy Neutron a device just like that, hee hee hee .... the thoughts come come out either in audio or visual. whoa, bestnyer! (Just to clarify, I tengok Jimmy Neutron sebab tak ada choice - my kids were watching)!

Hope your Mother's Day was a nice one :-)

Ordinary Superhero said...

Happy Mother's Day to you.

FYI, I have been doing 'mental blogging' for a loonggg time already!

simah said...

yeahhhhhh..that's the spirit :0)

happy mother's day to u too :0)

in between running....u sempatmandi tak? ker is it ur smell my nose is catching even kat sini? *wink*

dith said...


re: that future tech recorder from the brain, no kidding eh? :p

anggerik merah said...


You are right, teh positive side of it is forever young with running around...hehehe. TQ

bunga rampai,

salam. Ada jugak mengunjung teratak B. rampai.
Untuk mu jua...semuga ceria & wangi semerbak selalu


Idham aka Pak Payne,
Thanks. No am no different from other ibu in this world.

Kak Ruby,

yes...lets get one when it is in the market. Honestly I have too many gadgets with me. Somehow none like the one that I wish for yet..



hahaha...tu lah..that is the negative side of it. If only we can filter what can be translated and what not to be...hehehe.



heheh...tu my case both my man love those channel. So I pun tengok sama.

anggerik merah said...


aha..tu lah ..tak sempat nak duduk depan PC to type.. Dalam kepala macam2 ada..heheh


hehehe...nasib baik mandi sempat...lagipun panas..tak mandi memang lagi berpusing kepala..heheh



yes...ada but still R & D. It is so interesting how they try to barain signal to these digital gadgets etc..

Sunan_Jati said...

Hang in there dear!

Anonymous said...

Salam Anggerik...:-)

Love, Auntie Yan

Kak Lady said...

Kak lady yang dengar jadual AM pun rasa penat....

Apa2 pun...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY buat AM

anggerik merah said...


terima kasih.

Saya suka yang ditulis oleh Sunan_jati "Allah did not promise that life would be easy, but HE did promise to go with you every step of your life, with HIM by your side… ".

Auntie yan,

salam kembali. Semuga Auntie dan Cik din sihat selalu


Kak Lady,

Happy mother's day to you too