Sunday, May 06, 2007

Life that is...

Life has been a struggle for me...sometimes too many tests which I could not cope. And hence make me burst out when I am alone. I am so afraid to stay alone too long. But the good thing is that I am good with on and off button...I am better at letting the emotion invade me and then let it go far far away fast enough before it drag me too far.

Now, I am back to "bertapa" mode at office when no one and my brain and my novel. But I found it a bit depressing. Could be because of my hormone swing and also I had not taken ganoderma for almost a week now. And I left home to office today with not so peace of mind. With my lil man's "not so very pleasant behaviour" and tantrum drive me crazy. Sometimes I donno what to do. My patient been tested all the time. At time I do feel that I want to leave everything else in life just to focus on his development.

Much I wanted to share in this blog about what I had been through in the last few months. The exciting and sad stories. But, everytime I sit in front of PC, I don't even know how to put it in words..then I just forget it. Maybe it is best not to write about it at this moment. Sometimes it is much easier to speak about it...

We have been very serious on cycling. Reaching 10 km per trip..up and down the hill... Everytime we stretch the limit. Have not yet shift route to FRIM. Maybe after lil man finish his exam.

Life is on the fast again...back to rat that is!


Anonymous said...

we definitely need to have lunch, joy's dotter has dyslexia and had problems with school too. want me to bring her along and brainstorm? btw, she's my colleague and we graduated at the same time.


Queen Of The House said...

AM, hang in there! Know what, I baru terbaca your YM messages last night, punyalah lama tak buka YM. So sorry if you thought I sengaja tak reply. By the way, you dah dapat ke number Nuri tu? Is it the one at Bukit Antarabangsa (or used to be, I don't know)?

Kalau jumpa ATN, please kirim salam. I would like to ask her if she can shed some light about dyscalculia (either that or a dyslexic with mathematical problems). ATN if you are reading this, AM tak payah tanya you lah:-)

cikdinz said...

free your maine. nak kusut-kusut buat apa....
buat aktiviti yg kasi hati hepi sket...

Has said...

AM, on first reading, I actually read "bertapa mode" as "bertapai mode." Hemm, could be freudian slip of the eyes.

anggerik merah said...


will be in touch. Yes, plan for lunch together.

No problem Q. I dah dapat phone number tu. And already sign-up for Nuri's training end of the month. Thanks for reminded me of Nuri. I dah lup abour its existence.

I akan sampai salam kalu jumpa ATN. Dyscalculia? Macam2 term I m learning..will ask her.

betul tu. But bila tengah stress up kena tulis. Lepas tu lega rasa boleh offload. Macam ornag kata ...challenge the min, switching from - to +..hehehe


adeh tergelak besar I baca yr freadian slip of eyes tu...Teringat tapai lah pulak...I pun dah lama tak makan tapai. I fren now on unpaid leave..she is doing business tapai and rempah2...Not a bad business if you are good at making tapai.

simah said...

hang in there... ! maybe spa n massage centres can help?

~ GAB ~ said...

Hang tough. You've been a fighter all these while and won all of them I supposed.

Have a good day!

anggerik merah said...


yes spa & massage dah overdue dah..
too occupied even weekend. will plan for it.
Sir Gab,

yes, need to be tough. But at time feel tired, need to offload.

You too have a good day sir.

simah said...

AM..happy mother's day! hang in there :0)

take care...