Tuesday, November 13, 2007

masuk hotel keluar hotel

Hidup ku masuk hotel keluar hotel makan kat hotel...workshop sampai malam.... drive many miles everyday....balik rumah terbongkang kat sofa...

Maybe a good idea to just rent a room in the hotel rather than have a house... what a life..


ruby ahmad said...

Hi AM,

Welcome back. Hope you ahd a good raya hols.

I always dream of owning hotel chains. So I would just hotel hop. Best kan. So you have been busy...take care dear.

dith said...


Kesian pulak dengar your rant..

cikdinz said...

how about become an owner of the hotel....hehehehee...

NJ said...

Hmm... that sounds very familiar, although in my case I should probably be carrying sleeping bag with me..:D

anggerik merah said...

kak Ruby dear..

Wish one day your dream will come true...boleh I hop on to yr hotel chain...:-)



Wish that your other half fully recover. I have been following thru yr blog.


tu lahhh...bila agaknya nak jadi owner hotel...Kalau ada rezeki..


hehehe...I spend most of this month at hotel for work. Why must you carry sleeping bag?

Has said...

AM, Best kan, orang tolong kemaskan katil

anggerik merah said...



I m kind of miss my home when it is too much on the move.

Anonymous said...


What a hectic life! Take good care of your health, with such a life you have to be a bionic woman. Your big & liltle men tak complaint ke?

Hajjah N

anggerik merah said...

Hajjah N,

I tersedak bila tengok you hop onto my blog...hehehe..

Aha...tu lah...tomorrow pi hotel lagi for 2 days. Every week pi hotel...Both my man will join me to stay in hotel while I am busy workshooping... What to do...work requirement.

BTW,how are you? Pls alert me when you are back here. Dah lama tak jumpa..

Anonymous said...


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