Monday, November 19, 2007


I was looking for a mood setting to prepare my pre-course homework for the next 2 days Manager's forum. The pre-course work require us to write about our leadership journey from pre-career up to career life. As get that mood and recall on my journey and how I handle my work in term of leadership, I need to get some inspiring note to read. I found this in my archive...I read and I ponder...then I get my mind in the right mood to write about that journey of life....

It is madness…
To hate all roses
Because you got scratched with one thorn
To give up on your dreams
Because one didn’t come true…
To lose faith in prayers
Because one was not answered…
To give up on your efforts
Because one of them failed…
To condemn all your friends
Because one betrayed you…
Not to believe in love
Because someone was unfaithful or didn’t love you back…
To throw away all your chances to be happy
Because you did not succeed on the first attempt

I hope that as you go on your way
You don’t give into madness
Remembering always…
Another chance may come up
Another friend
A new love
A renewed strength
Be persistent
Look for happiness in every day
The sure path to failure is to give up!
It is often through failure that future success come- KEEP TRYING!
God bless you.

Will see what new tips I could learn from Leadership in that forum. Will be away from offce and home again...It is funny that this month I spend 2/3 of my time in hotel rather than at office and home.

Need to pack my suit case...


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Anggerek Merah,

I go through that too at times. Just work around it.

I have had the experience that I just came back from London on a Friday, too tired to unpack only to get a phone call that I had to be back in London by Monday..imagine! Flew back with same suitcase of clothes unpacked! Ha ha.

maklang said...

agaknya lepas raya semuanya sibuk...

same her..I hardly have time with Cik Abang lately. Dua2 asyik pergi balik KL aje..nasib baik bertembung dapat tinggal 1 hotel! he..he..

dudae_simboyo said...


kunun2 holidaylah tu...


cikdinz said...

heheheee... sibuk staying in the hotel je....

leadership tu subjective. kadang-kadang tak perasan pun kita dah jadi leader..

anggerik merah said...

Kak Ruby,

I was thinking, it is better to have the suit case ready all the time and load into the car boot....hehehe.


yes..yes...semua sibuk end of the year to catch-up and close all to be finished.


Welcome back. kat mana yr holiday?


yes...leadership in our own right..but the company wants us to achieve certain quality of leadership to take the company to greater height...tu lah kena dihantar ke forum.

simah said...

woah... ur work load is definitely hectic... in those times u were busy chasing ducks, u used to have plenty of time to walk around.... now i suppose u chase meetings n planes...

take care dear AM! whatever it is... i am sure u r naturally a born made leader :0)

anggerik merah said...


I miss my slow pace life back in UK. Don't have to rush everyday..Life in KL is so hectic. Not sure how long can I tolerate with this..

Pray that yr baba will have a smooth journey in dealing with his illness.

pakpayne said... ur poem....and i like ur poem!!

make the most of the hectic schedule....if u think, there just too much lemons....make them lemonades... :-)


anggerik merah said...


hehehe...yes...I have to drink more lemonade.

Go go go Pak payne...go go go tengah practice jadi cheer leader for football match remotely.

Has said...

He he, tu la, masa dok UK kata slow, ni kata fast pula.

Whatever it is AM, just savor the moment, the time. You can't be truly happy when there are too many if and but and when and etc etc

ruby ahmad said...

Hello AM,

Eh masih kat forum ke? Rindu juga..he he! I agree with HAS, when there's too much on the plate we don't have moments to smell the roses. I have slowed down a bit recetly and I have renewed joy in my life. Come back soon.

anggerik merah said...


hehehe...yes tu lah kadang-kadang tak pernah bersyukur dengan apa yang di lalui...

Actually the hectic life here,I felt loads of time and energy lost unnecessarily. Tengah dok pujuk he big one if I could rent a place near my office to observe if his is really drain my energy. But belum dapat approval lagi.

How was yr trip to Langkawi?


Kak Ruby,

miss you too...sory lambat update my blog.. I am around. Back from forum. It is a good one especially when I don't have to drive back and forth.