Friday, December 07, 2007

Pictures tell stories but upload too slow

November has been the busiest month for me. I could only count with fingers how many days I stayed in the office and home. Nevertheless, I am contented with all activities which kept me occupied. Just that, by now I drain so much of energy for a continuos move around especially the part which I have to drive in a congested area of Kl.

Paste some pictures to capture what was going on in November 2007 may suffice to capture some memories...but upload is too only one picture here.

Continue with my blog writing... now already December. Time flies like a rocket. Many time I sat down and trying to write something in my blog...but my fingers just didn't move...that was what happen. Obviously, by the time I am home, all my energy drain out for the day. All I see is a sofa to land as soon as I came into the house..

The closer I am to the end of the year, my list of things to do at office is getting longer... Loads of adhoc things come along which disturb all the listed plan to do..sigh..Leave me with no time for myself...

Anyway, that is what it takes in this work place... nevertheless, I still keep myself laughing and giigling whenever needed to dissipate some heat release...

I mumble again..

Maybe if my finger could be back to click..will share story about our 4 month old new baby.


cikdinz said...

1 jer gambar....heheheeee...

Unknown said...

erkk....4 month old baby?? ermmm......*dok falsh back jumpa anggerik si satey haji samuri....tak de tanda tanda pregnant pun*


Anonymous said... have a new baby? Congratulation. Sejak bila ni? Adopted? Well...good luck on being a new mum again.

p/s: ok ke with having new baby with your so hectic life ni...

Hajjah N

anggerik merah said...


aha...tried to upload quite a number tapi tak tau pasal apa slow and tak oleh upload.lepas tu saya give-up. Saya cuba lagi nanti..


Pak payne,

hehehe....tu tak nampak..adeh..nanti I cerita if Icouldmake my fingers clicking again

hajjah n,

nanti I cerita...hehehe...Ehh...mana blog u? Let me know...or create one!

Lollies said...

wah wah wah. story nanti ya?

~ GAB ~ said...


Nice to be back here.

Have a good life dear!

HCI said...


maklang said...

tahniah...ada baby baru...maklang rindu tangisan baby!

D said...

alahai.... suspen pulak kak AM ni!! is it a real baby or something you're treating like a baby??
Update! Update! Update!!!

Anonymous said...

baby? saspen sangat ni.....


dudae_simboyo said...


selamat raya haji. kita kat sini je...


anggerik merah said...


will do..

Sir Gab,

good to see you are back..


hehehe....sekarang ni boleh beranak instant..


still young...E-cop can still have adik. Hilang rindu baby nangis


hehehe...will tell the story

suspen? Same here..



selamat hariraya haji to you too.