Sunday, December 23, 2007

Of lil man's Junior Championship and Candy

The pics tell stories how Candy, our newbaby, came into our family.

Candy after taking shower.


Anonymous said...


maybe candy would like to meet garahan...



elara said...

Congratulations to your lil man and his Candy. Best wishes in the new year.

cikdinz said...

so, candy menang ke kalah....

ayah su said...

comeyyynya candy....cute!

happy be;ated raya...


Has said...

he he he very homely.

simah said...

that shows how candy came into ur life?..
hmmm...jap.. my mind terconfius jap..

were ur lil man given candy at the cat's show? or candy masuk competition?..

the rest of the owners with the cats... were they given cats too?

plssssssssss my dear enlighten...:0) otak i tak jalannnn....

still candy is so cattydeliously huggable.....may u all have many many moments more in happy memories with candy....happy new year!

Anonymous said...
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ruby ahmad said...

Hello AM,

Woo..comel nya Candy. I missed out on a few entries here and yes I pun tak tahu how Candy came into lil man's life? You bought Candy and Candy entered the competition and Candy won? Am I right here? If so congrats to lil man and you and daddy..he he! I guess je looking at pix dear. But wah so cute lah dia.

Sweetheart thanks for your compliments and kind words. I pun banyak cerita nak beritahu you. We meet lah after New Year ok.

Here's wishing you:


D said...

such a sweet Candy indeed... I tumpang sama dengan simah. Confuse!

Yup, I was in 'ol Edin for 6 years many, many years ago! With Bluewonder, we stayed in a basement flat near close to the Odeon. Those days of Kebab Mahal, Princes St Garden, Meadows, Jenners, Royal Mile, and not forgetting, good 'ol Heriot-Watt!! Tak nak balik ke...??

anggerik merah said...


hehehe...I saw garahan..

best wishes to you too

that competition is for lil man to tell the story of cat. Dia tak menang sebab baru nak belajar pasal cat. Tapi kalau masuk pulak next year boleh menang kot.
ayahsu aka ariffin aka idham,

Your raya celebration is fantabolous! my raya not much going on as I stayed in KL, tak jadi pulang kampung.


you are very right...this candy so expensive. The pet shop is offering to buy candy from big man at RM3000+. We are still learing about cats. I am not so cat friendly before. But candy has somewhat change me.


anggerik merah said...


sorry, I make you and others pening...hehehe. Offlate I am a bit lazy with writing. So I posted gambar aje. Anyway, it is a junior competition for the children to tell story about their cats. Not the slot for cat competition. Lil man join this one. Since he just had the cat aday before, he was not so well verse with the cats. Anyway, hopefully he can participate again next year.

Kak Ruby,

Will write about candy story and this competition. It is actually lil man competition not cat's.

Bila kita nak jumpa...We I also miss you.

Good ol'Edin...lamanya u disana. All those places are still there. I miss the place very much.Offlate I always dream of being back there and my quiet life there..