Monday, March 10, 2008

Life on the move

I will be moving on the suit case on the jet plane starting tomorrow.

Away to my hometown during weekend for general election was a good experience for me. Missing my vote the previous one. The political tsunami was a lot to be paused & reflected but we have to keep moving...

Today both my big man and I had a great time together pampering ourselves at Jentayu Spa in Damansara. We had a good chat about the election results and its implication also the blessing and the scary part while in the Gazebo after body massage. Well...I decided not to write about what we had discussed on political issue since I am thinking about the fresh and re-energise feeling after long hours spa treatment. We both need it after being drowning with workload, sickness (for big man) and the mind boggling matter to solve the issue of lil man's dontwannagotoschool syndrome. Now that lil man is holidaying at kampung, both big man & I have more time to focus on us and think of what to do next for lil man.

My dear friend, Hajjah N has now found the love of her life. We are looking forward to be at her wedding next two weeks. We are very happy for her. May Allah bless her and her other half with happinest of life together till the end..

Anggerik Merah
March 10, 2007 12:21am


Has said...

AM, Beetroot raw o.k gak. Merah lekat kat tangan, ingat bila kencing dan berak semua jadi merah, ha ha ha, tapi tak la pulak

anggerik merah said...


I gelak besar baca your comment pasal beetroot. I guess the raw one taste better from the preserve one. Pasal color tu memang tak boleh di elakkan lekat di tangan..

Mustafa Şenalp said...

cok güzel bir site.

JoKontan said...

AM :

Were you there ?

I supposed to go, but there's a dozen family @ home during the time.

anggerik merah said...


yes, we were there. Hajjah N & her other half looks so happy and we are happy for both of them.

Some kind of re-union for ex-colleague mate. Another group is yr ex-school-mate.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello AM,

Hey best nya kena pampered kat spa. Memang rejuvenated lepas tu!

Siapa Hajah N huh? He he. I am out of the loop. Great for her and her man. Cheers.

anggerik merah said...

Hi Kak Ruby,

how are you?

Hajjah N is ex-colleague mate many years ago. She found me here..

simah said...

semoga hajjah N berbahagia ke anak cucu...insyaAllah...

dear AM.. i always hear women go to spa...but this is the first time i hear of men going there ..i must be tertinggal keretapi somewhere! *LOL*..

i think u both deserve the spa esp after all the hard work u guys had put in ...u take care and safe flying! :0)

anggerik merah said...


man's spa pun ada. My big man need that he keep up with his health...hehehe..

I love spa...but cannot do too frequent...expansive..

bunga rampai said...

Salam AM,

Bertandang sekali-sekala membaca coretan-coretan yang tertinggal :)

Moga dalam damai, senang, dan tenang di mana jua berada. Jua dalam perlindunganNya selalu.

anggerik merah said...

Bunga rampai,

terima kasih. Salam sayang dari saya