Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Quick update

Happy and sad news on the arrival of little one.

My sister had delivered a baby boy 3.6 kg at one of the private hospital here. I was again with her in the labor room to observe the arrival and more importantly to provide moral support to my sister during her struggle. It was really a bless for me to be there for the second time to honor her request. I guess, Allah had made everything fall in place. Since I didn’t have any experiences on the pain of normal delivery, I guess I could stand next to my sister to share my strength while others (my brother in-law, my mother had not be able to withstand). Since the delivery was overdue, the complication arise for the baby. This cute (putih gebu and hidung kembang) was transferred to NICU Sungai Buloh hospital. His condition was considered critical on the day he was delivered and now is considered stable condition. He had Meconium aspiration symptom (MAS) . Let us pray that this little one get well soon and able to lead a normal life. I will share more of the story later as many things happened which should not be happening and we are helpless of seeing it..

A change of life style (31/3/2008)
Yesterday was the last day of my big man working with the company he had been for almost 10 years. Pray that he will happier to move on and get better in term of health.

Unexpected Accident.
In the midth of buzy road driving to office yesterday morning, unexpectedly I had accident involving 5 cars. My one year old car does not look that bad physically as compared to other car even with the high impact hitting from back. Nevertheless, the impact cause some loud noise which yet to find out what went wrong. Alhamdullilah, I did not had any injury but a bit of trauma and shock. I had never had any accident after being driving for more than 20 years. Again, this was not my fault. Nevertheless, it caused loads of hussle (i.e. police report, car-less during this pressing time). As I need my car very badly to commute from home to office. Critical time as I need to be in the office to have a final arrangement and communicating with my other fellow committee members of the international w/shop starting this Sunday in the land of beautiful Bali. Communication thru SMS and phone do help to talk to a few members.

What do I do to stay cool
1. Dua to Almighthy…Redha with what had come to me and please give me more strength to face chaotic life.
2. Switch off whenever a chance…i.e. some sleep
3. Exercise my face muscle…keep smiling.
4. Stay calm…those who are able to stay calm and compose in the midst of many trial…shows the high level of patient the person possess (I wish to be one of them).

Will be back for more update later if I had chance.

Anggerik Merah
April 1, 2008
8:18 AM


Anonymous said...

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Queen Of The House said...

AM dear, I hope you and everyone else in the family will feel better soon. Especially the new addition ... keep us all posted. Keep safe.

anggerik merah said...


My dear...we are near yet so far..Wonder when do we have a chance to get together?

Alhamdullilah the little one can breath on his own now...but still in NICU for constant monitoring. Bersyukur dapat tahu he is fine..after one week struggling to survive living in this world. Cud not wait to see him back home from hospital. Hopefully soon.