Monday, May 05, 2008

Back to the future

I don't like to tell the story about how hectic life is... When too many things come at the same time, just pick it up and move on. Alhamdullilah, I am greatful to Allah for making it easy for me to just go to sleep and switch off from the worldly life. Both my big man and lil man all the time complaining about my loud snoring...hehehe... I guess it goes with age. Well...trying to deny the fact that I am not that old.... why do I have loud snore?

BTW, how do I control this? Of course I don't know how bad it is since I slept like nobody business. But...but...I am seriously worried that I have to travel long distance this weekend in business class...Oh no...what do I do. Should I warn my neighbour that I might annoy him/her. Oh my is embarrasing..

Anyway, I must figure out what to do with it...

I must remember (as quoted by Simah's father in law)... "a successful person is the one who are able to balance between life and career"... The reality is that my work is so demanding...Trying to balance is very challenging. A though came to my mind last I wish I have a million in my account and I don't have to work after all my committment are cleared...Keep dreaming...

Something to be shared at the point when I need a self talk:

This technique has big fancy words for it too:'Pseudo-Orientation in Time.'

Pick a problem you have been experiencing recently.

Look out in front of you and allow yourself to imagine a more resourceful, wiser you. You could even imagine that this future you is pure wisdom light, a fully perfected being! Why not, this is just an imagination experiment after all...

Now physically walk up into your future self, step inside and take a few moments to notice how this feels and just experience that fully and completely...

As you do this, turn around and face the you in the present and observe how that you over there looks like with the problem. Now offer some advice, love and reassurance to that you in the present. How many different ways can that problem begin to resolve itself now?

Walk back into the present you and receive the messages from the future self. And then imagine that future self dissolving and mixing into your heart. Think about future situations where you would have had the problem and imagine being in the situation now with the new insights and resources. Actually run through a few scenarios because this helps your mind 'program in' and generalise the change.

One final thought:

Pick a resourceful state you want to experience more often in your life. Now instead of picking a problem to work with, use the resourceful state to 'go back to the future', and allow your future self to answer the following kind of question:

"What do I need to do to be able to experience this more often in my life?"


Extracted from Colin G Smith, a licensed Master Practitioner of NLP and author of 'The Half Second Rule: Your Master Key to Safe, Rapid & Effective Change'.


david santos said...

Hello, Anggerik!
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.

Count Byron said...
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Count Byron said...

It is good to be back.

The only thing I know about NLP is the 3 modes of learning, the visual, auditory and the kinesthetic. Now, this self talk and future vs now-you is fascinating. How I wish it can be simpler


ms istanbul said...

Hi AM,

My godfather mentioned this NLP over dinner last weekend. What a coincidence! (felt like blog hop as I am stressed out at work with report due to the bankers tomorrow nite). I am sure godfather has many positive things to share, from having nothing to a handful of properties/mansions in London and back home, taking business risks just for the fun of it as he has nothing to lose (and here we are trying to work hard and save to provide a comfy life for our family).

Ah, work life balance. Guess it's on everyone's agenda.

simah said...

dear AM...

was suprised to see baba's quote in this entry... yes... it is a true quote... what i didnt write .. pre to that quote... he said...

*güzel bir eş ve güzel bir iş bul......*

*find a good spouse n good job...*

it seems u have found exactly that coz when u have a good spouse n a good job... n u r working s hectic as u do... the spouse will somehow help in d department of u going missing while working...

i remember my dear late baba... when his kids were growing... he was here n there (perhaps worse than u)...d kids barely could see him... at home he also worked from his library... but when his work is finished... or when one of his kids knocked d door to ask something... he gave his kid 10000 % attention... never saying i am busy... he gve them quality time .. while d rest of d time when he ws too busy (which was forever)... the other spouse filled in for their development...

in ur case..i think having a good spouse....(in which i have no doubt u have) a great advntage to balance up..lagipun u r working kan? bukannya enjoy enjoy..

am i making sense or am i out of topic here? *wink*

p.s... my i have ur hp addy please..?just in case we can meet up ker?

Anonymous said...


why la anggerik? relax banyak2... bila nak mai sini buat research2 sikit?



anggerik merah said...

Hi David,

Thanks for dropping by

My dear Count,

Good to see you are bac. Everyone miss you in this space.

Hope things are well for you.
I subscribed to free NLP tips..once in a while I gets some tips which is very useful to me to keep life in perspective from this technique.

U take care!


Dear Ms Istanbul,
Yup...most of the time whenever my mind was thinking about something or searching about smtg,I always had coincident to find it from some blogs...for me this is the beauty of blog.

Juggling between career and family is tough...but that is life..

stress is good but too much will damage us.

U take care


My dear Simah,

I had email you my number. Hope to catch-up with you when you are back in Msia for holiday. Even to meet for 5 minute.

Ever since I read your blog, I found loads of life lesson from several angle. Your late baba.... a very special person.

Yes very true. Right now my other half plays role in making sure my lil man is taken care of since I have to do loads of travelling for work. Any opportunity they hop on with my travel so that we could spare sometime to be together after I finished my work.

Simah, thanks for sharing with me here...I love it.. triple "wink" for you. And I love your writing...

U take care!

Dudae, kat mana now? Miss you..
Will plan for research around your area later. Right now too much on the plate for me..and most of the time lone range from my side on my subject matter...So kena tarik sana dan sini...but it is good to keep my brain working and to get to know new people in the company. Life is more cheerful... to balancea silo life being a researcher...heheh

Call me when you are back to this region..

simah said...

dear AM...

the email with ur number has not reached me...i wonder if u can send it gin please?

Happy mother's day!

simah said...

ops..i salah email addy...

(i have problem typing *a*...) i see why ur mil tak sampai...

D said...

"just pick it up and move on" - that I seriously keep repeating to myself!

hope all's in control over your end!

anggerik merah said...

Simah dear,

I resent the email. check it out. I am in Bergen now. Will be back next week.BTW,when will you be in Msia?

D dear,

I must admit...I need to do that.. and thanks to The Almighthy for given me that strength.

U take care dear!