Thursday, May 29, 2008


A journey…

I was back from business trip almost a week ago. Alhamdullilah everything went smoothly. Back to office, I was striving to get proposal done. After 3 nites stayed back at office, the draft was done and forwarded to my bosses for further discussion.

Weekend was great as we traveled back home for wedding. I was still haven’t got over from jetlag, nevertheless the spirit of being togetherness with everyone for the weeding really make me forget about my tiredness. The wedding was great.

Back to KL alone without family was really a lonely journey. I wish I could be with them for the school holiday.

My mind has not got over with some office issue. I kept on voicing out. Sometime, I felt that I wish someone said to me .. “Shut-up AM”…so that I could just go along with the red-tape and bureaucracy. Drain loads of my energy and enthusiasm.

Today, I was not feeling too well. Maybe I am still exhausted with no rest since many weeks. Body and mind are not coordinating well. I continued with hearing cd on mind programming hypnotize. I did this after lunch when my body and mind at the lowest productivity. It helps in some ways to relax body and mind.

I could not wait for weekend just to pamper myself with do nothing, rest and no long drive to office.

Tomorrow, I need to present to my CEO prior to presenting to VP..then next to company board of directors on awareness of technology that I am asked to spearhead.

I know that I had no been balancing between work and life for the last several weeks. My weekend was gone with traveling and I miss by bicycle too.

I pray that Allah continue giving me the strength and energy to do whatever I need to do….and to be healthy too… to give and receive more love..

I miss both of my big and little man…..and I felt so exhausted

1:15 AM
Friday May 30 2008

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