Monday, September 08, 2008

Bit & pieces again

Weekend activity....Reshuffle all my office attire. Some to give away... Did loads of ironing work....I wish I could just wear jean & T-shirt to office... Anyway good exercise...just that need to sacrifice time for not going out and do other things.

Went to see specialist at Tawakal today. Blood test was done. Results negative on Athritis...Alhamdullilah...But doesn't answer the reason of joint pain which come and go for the last 2 months. Tomorrow another visit to see neurologist as refered by the specialist for corpus tunnel(?) test. Whatever it is, must try to sort it out.

I had not visited Tawakal for ages...Maybe more than 15 years.... Some of good, experience and down to earth doctor's are residing here. I felt more satisfied to meet these doctors. Some doctor's at some "5 star hospitals" are more into money making...

My maid.... the moment of truth...she smsed us informing that she will not be coming back to continue working. We have to figure out our plan if we want to take another one, try to get day to day maid (if we are lucky to find one).... or live without one.

Deep in my heart, I reflected all things that happen at home while my maid was around. She had not been focused on the work at home much. She took things so lightly. I had to remind her to do this and that. And I found a draft letter from her to someone while cleaning up my house few months back. I knew she was up to something but I didn't ask her. I just observed her character. The night that I was ready to fly to Brazil, she asked forgiveness from me. She said she had done loads of 'DOSA" to me. I didn'tknow what she mean. I told her that I forgave her and I don't know what "DOSA" she was talking about. Whatever she did behind me, let ALLAH showed her the right and wrong.

Big man and I were discussing about her...and Big man said it is no point to request her to be back if she doesn't like to work here... Yes...maid...we can't live with or without them... Maybe this happen for good reasons..

that's bit and pieces....

September 8, 2008
6:30 pm


Mama Rock said...

if she doesn't want to come back, let her be...lagi susah if she's around but hati takde kat sini...kerja pun ala kadar je, buat kita sakit jiwa je nanti.

Has said...

Hello Mek,

Carpal tunnel la. Sakit kat pergelangan tangan kan?

Seven Seas omega 3 bagus juga untuk sakit macam tu.

Masa lepas kemo dulu, remember, I sakit joints kecil2 dalam tangan. I took gamat healen yang kotak merah, gamat dalam botol warna hijau, harga 90 ringgit lebih, gamat dia lebih hanyir dari gamogen yang warna oren tu....hasilnya lepas dua botol, the joint pain baik pulih. Tapi takut nak continue gamat tu sebab ramai sangat patients yang kata gamat buat kanser subur...

anggerik merah said...

Mama rock,

yes...betul...boleh sakit jiwa kita dibuatnya...tambah stress lagi.. Dah hampir 2 tahun dia tinggal dengan kami. She is our third one.



heheheh...silap. Will remember karpal next time.

I thot I dah ambik enough omega 3.
I tak pernah cuba gamat product....not sure why. Maybe too many in the market. And it claim to be good for too many problem.

Anonymous said...


i did asked lina if she wanted a maid before but she'd rather not since they usually cause more problems than they solve. good maids are few and far in between. oh god, i am talking about maids....


Anonymous said...


that was me atas tu...



D said...

hope you get all those above sorted (health and life without maid). If I may give my own opinion, go back to prophetic ways: black seed or habbatussauda'. Either take the oil - a teaspoon a day, taken with honey or those processed in capsule or tablet forms. The prophet said that it can heal all forms of disease except death, InsyaAllah.

take care!

anggerik merah said...


tu lah...sometimes it is just luck to have a good maid.If not, so much headache to bear. Yesterdays new on incident happened in Shah Alam was scary. The death of that lady suspected to be retalet to her maid. Scary..


thanks for reminding me about blackseed oil. I almost forgot about it. I have a couple bottle inmy cabinet which I brought back from UK. Used to take that everyday when I was in UK. It was very effective.

Bunga Rampai said...

Oh, saya juga sedang buat aktiviti yang sama - pilih-pilih dan ketepi-ketepikan baju. Sedekahkah mana yang perlu.

Semoga mendapat maid yang lebih baik nanti..

Salam :)

anggerik merah said...

Bunga rampai,

ye lah...boleh sedekahkan pada merekayng perlu.

simah said...

but without a mad.. susah jugak kan? esp with u having to fly everywhere all the time....if u ever decide to get a new one..i pray u will get satu yg boleh is ur lil one?

anggerik merah said...


yes...that will be difficult as my nature of work require me to be on jet plane. Will figure out what to do...

Lil one is fine.