Saturday, September 20, 2008

Journey - Rio 2

To continue sharing some memories from Rio trip….

It was an interesting trip. This is the second time I had been to South America. The first time was sometimes in 2000, I had a chance to be in Lima for some conference which I had to present paper. That trip was full of surprises and challenges. I guess when travel alone many surprises happened. Since then, I promise myself not to travel alone again to this area. That should be a separate story on its own.

During my recent business trip to Rio, I had opportunity to meet old friends and get to know new one. I will have a chance to meet my Brazilian friends (and also Norwegian) again after raya for another forum which will be held in Langkawi. The world is getting smaller…really smaller. We will bounce into each other too frequent from different part of the world.

Much I have to note about my trip in Rio, but I must admit I kept forgetting those moments ever since back to KL. Life in KL is so hectic that everyday something else needs to be remembered. I have a thot of writing those memories while in the plane. But to be honest, I need all minutes to rest and recharged. I ended-up ignoring my laptop at all. Rather watched in flight movies (“Smart People” etc) and finished “The last lecture by Randy Pauch”.

Here’s some pics…

View from Breakfast lounge in the hotel in the area of Ipanema

Entrance to tram in Corcavado, one of the world seven wonders.

Jesus Christ statue at Corcovado, one of the main attraction in Rio De Janeiro

View from cable car to Sugar Loaf, another seven wonders. The left side is Copacabana beach while on the right is part of picturestique Rio De Janeiro Town

Sugar Loaf

Another thing I wish to share is, being a woman, I love jewelery. The beauty of it is for my own satisfaction. Not to show my status or any other reason related to it. So I commit myself buying a necklace made of Gemstone from Rio. Some people might think I am crazy for spending that much money on that necklace. I thot I am crazy too. But I never regret any decision and am accountable to it.:-)... This piece of jewelery stick to my body everyday, i.e. during my sleep, shower etc etc. Funny thing about me is that I don't like to change my necklace everyday. I prefer it to be with me until I feel bored and then keep it away for sometimes. Being a woman I am...

where am I???

Back to story about going places...

For the first time, I am listing down places I had been in my life either during student time, during business trip or holiday. The lists excluded my foot at the airport only. Maybe I could start to think of some places I wish to be before shifting to another life. Something to look forward to and plan in my wish list.

1) Thailand - Phuket, Hadyai

2) Philippine - Manila

3) Indonesia - Jakarta, Bali

4) Singapore

5) Japan - Narita, Chiba,Tokyo

6) China - Beijing, Tianjin

7) Saudi Arabia - Mecca, Medina

8) Egypt - Cairo, Alexandria

9) Norway- Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger

10) France - Paris, Lyon

11) Spain - Madrid

12) Italy - Milan

13) Holand - Amsterdam

14) Belgium - Brussel

15) UK - too many to list down

16) Canada - Vancouver, Victoria (BC), Toronto, Salt Spring Island

17) USA - too many to list down

18) Peru - Lima

19) Brazil - Rio De Janeiro

20) Mexico - Hueres (sp?)

That many I can recall at this time. Each of these places thought me a lot about different culture, people and religion... It somehow mold me in someway to be what I am now... Some old folk told me when I was young, there is some sign on my body indicated that I will be "kaki yang berjalan (walking feet?)". I can't remember if it was got to do with my "tahi lalat" somewhere...hehehe... Anyway, it is true in some ways. It started when I was still young...

Ok... I must get back to my chores... Life without maid means I have to do things which I had not done for sometime. It is part of my daily exercise/weekend exercise around house. I have not been on my bike during weekend as I used to do anymore. I miss riding my bike... Will do after raya.

Selamat berbuka puasa dan beribadat. Semuga sentiasa diberkati oleh Allah.

Anggerik Merah

Sept 20, 2008

2 pm


Hazia said...


Wow, Brazil!:) It's not in my top wish list, but that's only because there are so many other countries I haven't been to, hehe...

And that's a long list you have there:)

D said...

yup, indeed a long list! As they say, the further you go, the more you learn. Travelling matures you and educates you unlike those textbooks do. Hey, you're one hell of a woman!

am wondering and wondering... between the two of us, who's older eh?

anggerik merah said...


Brazil was never been in my wish list, just because of business trip, I had this opportunity to be there. I surely can't afford to go there for holiday.



Yup, very true about the farther you go the more you learn.

D, I am sure that you are younger than me dear. But most of the time people cold mislead from my appearance...:-). One day, God's will, we could meet.

D said...

hop over for a quick overview of our summer hols(and mention of u)..

anggerik merah said...

yes...seen it. Thanks. I also been to most of the link you had. Loads of very motivating and life experience bloggers there.

Bunga Rampai said...

Salam AM,

Jauh berjalan meluaskan pandangan dan menghebatkan pemikiran :)

Tapi yang paling berharga pada pendapat saya ialah betapa tempat-tempat itu (penduduk, makanan, budaya) mencetus rasa syukur kita kepada Illahi.

*Kenapa agaknya diberi nama 'Sugar Loaf'? Any idea? [saya tertarik dengan nama tu - rasa macam boleh makan je :))]

Semoga yang indah-indah saja buat AM minggu ini :)

JoKontan said...

It's nice trying to remember some of the names you mentioned. (he he, we're slowly getting ancient)

Slowly, and surely some of the memories come back.


It's Ciudad Juarez (Huarez city) near El Paso.
The one south of San Diego is Tijuana.
Nogales is the border town in Arizona.

I was considered lucky then for having Chinese like trait. Or else, sure diaorang ingat Chicano mana sesat.. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...


am, dah pandai cakap portugis dah?


cikdinz said...

mesti best kan dapat pergi negara orang. dah mcm round the world plak ye...

anggerik merah said...

Bunga rampai,

Pasal Sugar loaf tu saya pun terfikir dari mana asal nama nya. Saya tak pasti. Tak sempat buat research. Mungkin dalam internet ada ceritanya.

Terima kasiah Bunga rampai....juga yang wangi2 hendaknya sentiasa bersama bunga rampai.


Adik Jo,

aha...kalau tak list down surely dah tak ingat. Tu pun ada yang miss.

Yes, I remember those border city of Mexico. Hahaha...melayu can always be mistaken as chicanos. I recalled embarrasing story. Thought that officers came from Msia met at uni bookstore was chicanos. Habis kutuk depa.Sekali tiba2 cakap melayu...heheh malunya.


aha...rugi tak sempat learn much of portugese. ada skit2 tapi dah lupa lah...


tu lah...bila dah list down baru ingat. Semuga Cikdinz sihat walafiat

Pp said...

cantik nya!!! amazing ...

saya sendiri belum pernah ke sana...