Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CT Scan and new books

My CT Scan result for stomach and pelvic bone was normal. Alhamdullilah. Blood test was also normal. The first time I had this procedure done on me which required intubated vein to flow fluid. The last time my vein was intubated was 12 years ago for caesarean.

Yup, I must confess that I have low tolerance for needle insertion into my body. But Alhamdullilah I had recovered from the fear and my threshold pain level had significantly improved. The CT scan pictures detail out all internal organ. It was clear to me when we went through with doctor for each organ condition.

Tonite at home, I relook at those pictures and have difficulty to figure out some part. Anyway, not for me to interpret! The obvious such as kidney, uterus are easily identified. My next appointment with Doctor will be in 6 weeks time. Yet, I was saying to big man, I had not fully assess my heath condition as I had not done full medical check-up…Next on the list.

Today, again we went to Kunikuniya. I pick-up another 2 books to end my book collection for this year. These are:
  1. Eat Right 4 your type, Dr. Adamo
  2. Live right 4 your type, Dr. Adamo

These books will provide some guidance for healthy life and to be experimented for some do and don’t eat based on my O blood type. Both Big man and lil man share same blood type that is A type. We compare list of what to take and what to avoid. Very interesting to know and perhaps to test.

While Maal Hijrah 1430 was welcome with full hearted, Gregorian calendar 2008 curtain is almost closing down and another new year is approaching. Much to be reflected and pondered… Could I write about it?...Maybe later.

Anggerik Merah
31 December
12:14 am


D said...

Alhamdulillah, the CT scan results are clear. PheW! I pun suspen gak over this end tau...

regarding books, I've got a shelf waiting for me to read but I feel so guilty stealing a read! Nonetheless, I told myself it's okay to have them as bedtime stories. LOL! Only prob is, I fall asleep before long!

Have a good year ahead, AM!!

anggerik merah said...


honestly, my brain already calculated "what If" situation. Tried hard to talk to my brain not to think that way. Loads of brain psycho. But again, I felt something has not being diagnosed.

About books....yup yup.. I have long list to complete reading too.

Let's us all have a good year ahead dear!

Has said...

AM, aku gelak bangat fasal intubated vein tu. Sebabnya dalam medical, intubated tu bila guna tube besar, macam tube masuk throat masa anaesthesia tu.

How is you NLP book? Bagus tak? Kalau bagus, nak beli juga.

anggerik merah said...


hahaha...tu lah bila orang bukan medical background hentam saja pakai word tu.. a good laugh indeed.. part of stress reducer...laugh theraphy. Good that I make you laugh.

NLP book tu for me Ok lah...meet my expectation... I like it for its simplicity. But maybe it is too simple for you.

Bila you tanya how good this book, I kena buka balik tengok sebab it has been many months ago I read the book. Some tips may have been programmed in my brain unconciously and its effect me on how I behave and see things.. Wow.. this NLP is good indeed, I mean helps a lot.

VersedAnggerik said...

Good Luck in your quest of a better and healthier living habits this year.

chinta said...

Did I miss something? CT scan pelvic bone? herm, result OK kan...I wish you well.

Nong said...

Hope everything is fine with you.

I had a few scare moments before and am still awaiting results for my severe backache...

Take care.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi AM,

Oh me too..I must have missed something here. Bone scan? I'll try & read your previous entry to see, what seem to bother you...but alhamdulillah the results came back ok.

anggerik merah said...


Welcome. Thank you


how are you? Have not seen you for a while. Don't worry, I am fine.

Kak Nong,
You take care too..

Kak Ruby,

I am OK. Maybe too exhausted since no maid & with workload etc etc.

Otherwise, so far it is under control I hope.

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