Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun Quotient (FQ)...

It has been a week since I started to go back to work after along holiday end of last year. Back to hectic life at work. I was out to stay in the hotel again for a day and night work. That took me from Tuesday nite till Friday evening. I didn't even go out from hotel because our event run even at night. I was given a task to facilitate one of the groups. Stuck in a hotel for many days leads me to exhaustion again. I don't even had a chance to be in gym. Cold temperature in the grand ballroom somewhat affect my nerve and muscle again. I tried to ignore it. But at the end of the day, I lost most of my energy and what I need is some sleep everytime I was in my hotel room. I might be still in holiday mood hence not productive.

Anyway, I am learning to stop and relax whenever I need. Not pushing to limit as I was always expected to do.

This weekend help me to recollect my energy. I started 10 km cycling again after some break during holiday due to flu. My wish is that I regain my energy and able to do whatever I need to do. To be alive and kicking...

Be back when time permit. Please find me a copy of FQ tip from NLP.

Anggerik Merah
Jan 11, 2009
11:59 pm

"A Simple Way to Reduce Stress While Giving Your FunQuotient (FQ) a Boost"

(c)Colin G Smith - All Rights reserved

Have you noticed all the different intelligences we havethese days?!Cultural Quotient (CQ)
Curiosity Quotient (CQ)
Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ)
Empathizing Quotient (EQ)
Systemizing Quotient (SQ)
Sentience Quotient (SQ)
Social Intelligence Quotient (SQ)
Spiritual Intelligence Quotient (SQ)

So that's four of them named SQ! Does this enhance ourlives? Surely only the FQ really matters! You know, the simple fact is the more fun and humour we have in our lives, the more we reduce the stress caused by the modern dis-ease of seriousness. Personally I think having fun and being playful is the natural human condition, it's just that certain systems/constraints in modern societies can have us acting like numb automatons.

I'm inspired by an observation Anthropologist, Colin Turnball made in his book, "The Forest People", with regards to how adult Pygmies laugh:

"When Pygmies laugh it is hard not to be affected; they hold on to each other as if for support, slap their sides, snap their fingers and go through all manner of physical contortions. If something strikes them as particularly funny they will even roll on the ground..."

Imagine being able to do that...Of course you probably wouldn't want to act like that at the office, right?

But get this; Actually imagine falling down laughing like a Pygmie in your office or place of work right now. Simply doing this in your imagination, enables you to have more access to the fun-zones of your mind in that situation next time you're there. Don't take my word for it though, test it out in your own experience. It's part of what I like to call, "The Ridiculous Behaviour Generator" from page 60 of "The NLP ToolBox."

Because our minds go in directions, from time to time, it is very useful to purpose fully re-direct our thought patterns. Sending our mind towards more fun and humour is an excellent choice because it enables us to have more flexibility of behaviour and increased resourcefulness, whereas over-seriousness tends to be a narrow, rigid state.

So go ahead and pick 3 situations now that you want to 'funify.' Starting with the one that will be the easiest to change, go through the "Ridiculous Behaviour Generator" below:

Ridiculous Behaviour Generator
1. Think of a situation where you want to have more fun.
2. See yourself over there in the situation, like you are watching a movie.
3. See yourself having more fun, maybe joking with the other people in the movie.
4. Go back to the start of the movie and try out a different way of having more fun. Perhaps notice something you haven't seen/heard before that makes you chuckle.
5. Now, again from the start, see yourself in the movie and do some behaviour(s) that you would never do in reality. Get really silly with this one. Do something outrageous that just makes you crack up laughing.
6. Break state. Think of the situation again and notice how you feel better about it and look forward to having even more fun in the situation in the future.

Great! In step 5 it's best to do something really outlandish that you'd never do in reality. You know, like launching into the room, naked, doing cartwheels or turning up to that meeting in a Gimp suit, juggling fire sticks! The point is, does it get you laughing because that's the direction you want to be going in is it not?

Now run the other 2 situations through the Ridiculous Behaviour Generator and begin to find yourself looking forward to a more fun filled future. When you've practised this technique a few times you will be able to do it faster, which will allow you to inject more fun quickly and easily into situations before they've occurred and that's good planning right?

More fun! Less stress. Brighter futures. Better decisions.
O'yeah and a boosted FQ!

Author Bio:Colin G Smith is a licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and author of 'The NLPToolBox', a personal development book that enables thereader to master any area of their life with amazing speed. Complete information on Colin G Smith's books are availableat his website, including a FREE personal development mini-course.


Bunga Rampai said...

Salam AM,

Selamat tahun baru, semoga yang baik-baik dan indah-indah saja diberi Allah untuk AM.

Terima kasih kongsi info FQ :)

Has said...

AM, A quick test for you. Tell me how NLP gots its name.

anggerik merah said...

Bunga Rampai,

Terima kasih. Juga untuk BR untuk yang terbaik ditahun baru ni.

pls tell me. I don't remember abt it.

Anonymous said... lopid