Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sense of Achievement

Listing down, I consider, sense of Achievement to my simple definition for the past few weeks…

1) Taking control of my house…i.e. clearing-up things, arranging things the way I like it to be…then I would have mental picture of what and where things in my house. Ever since I came back last 2 years and with maid around, I didn’t had a peace of mind to arrange things the way I want it..just because I am occupied with re-develop my career path back on track and adapting to fast changing office system and bureaucracy and more importantly managing family issues

2) Able to maintain 10 km cycling distance (in 30 minutes with up and down hills) using my steel horse (i.e. kuda besi Tblaze) with 2 feet. Although I have not stretched the limit at least I maintain it for now. It gave me a sense of courage; determination and also it make me sweat. And not to forget strengthen muscle and activate brain cell. It is bliss to feel cool air blowing through while riding the steel horse.

3) Back to kitchen to cook for family and family members especially during weekend do that cook #1 can take time off after doing his part during weekdays. A blessing of not having maid. It is fun but quite tiring post cooking especially cleaning up. It make sense why I seldom blogging nowadays.

4) Taking time to go for picnic with my sister’s family. Something which I had not done for the last 2 years. Believe it or not. Not only that, visiting cousin and makan2 cum lepak2 activities, was not much happening. Now these activities back on track and having visitors at home is more frequent now days.

5) Completed ironing tons of cloth especially office attire which accumulated during my busy weekend. Boy, ironing can be fun but tiring too.

6) Keep fit with running around home. Honestly, I can’t stay home too long because I can’t stop doing things at home. Endless house work that makes me running and walking all the time. Good for fitness but it also means drain out energy while reaching to night time.

7) Riding my other kuda besi with 4 legs is always energizing. Its digital speedometer, smooth brake system and arrow dynamic shape just bring pleasure to my day to day long distance driving. My brain has done loads of thinking and visualizing while driving. But so far, Alhamdullilah, I am a safe conscious person.

My long weekend with CNY celebration focusing on home stay to catch-up things. The plan was to re-focus on #3 (aka unfinished business) with extended holidays till end of the week. But so far, too many visitors at home which means that I had not make any progress on #3. On top of PMS thingy, I dragged myself with much sleep rather than able to stay up.
That’s some sense of accomplishment to me. Just to get me moving…

Anggerik merah
January 27, 2009
10:47 pm


Izhal said...

Salam Kak Anggerik,

Happy new year... Keep on cycling throughout 2009... Dont forget condemn the Zionist and Pulaukan whatever you can...

atenah said...

oh i took naps too during cny break. i ni jarang tidur siang but have been so tired lately. have to be kind to own self kan

ys hse looks beautiful, no serene actually. you should see my hse!! i always blame it on cucu bush

anggerik merah said...

Adik Izhal, salam. Yes, definately. All the boycoat list is in my HP...
Rumah I ni, tak dak budak kecik... masa anak I kecik dulu, sepah jugak...living area jadi medan mainan dia.
Why now days so penat... emm.. I am asking myself as if I don't admit that senja dah nak masuk maghrib..

Hope to meet up with you my cheer leader

D said...

exercise does wonders, kan? gosh, ESPECIALLY in this horrible weather - and the weather forecast predicst a plunge in temperature soon!

keep well - you sound well!

anggerik merah said...


Errrggg...am shivering when thinking about weather in UK at this time. Still can exercise in the house...

You too..take care!

Anonymous said...


am, you should just stop and smell the roses tau? life is too short, trust me, i know. i look at life in one week instalments now - that's how long i am usually home, hahahahahaha!



anggerik merah said...


thanks buddy...I have totally forgotten abt flowers..Hope you have more than 1 week installment back home!

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