Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life is so beautiful...

Some collections of pictures which shows how beautiful life is...

Alexandria, Egpt, September 2007

Copacabana beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, August 2008

Sunset at Bonton, Langkawi, April 2008
Bergen, Norway, May 2008

Tasek Melati, Perlis, October 2008

Pulau Dayang Bunting, Langkawi, Kedah, April 2008

Dinner show, Mariot Putrajaya, November 2008

Ma living room, 2008

Anggerik Merah

1:32 am

January 30, 2009


D said...

it is beautiful, subhanallah, and Alhamdulillah.

:)a good sign here !

ayumi83 said...


maklang said...

jauh berjalan luas pemandangan....

Life is beautiful...

simah said...

U have been travelling quite a lot surely...beautiful places as well!

Ma living room? That is an unusual visit!
how r u? hope things r fine at ur end :0)

Bunga Rampai said...

Perakam gambar-gambar ini juga punya hati seindah pemandangan itu.

Salam AM :)

atenah said...

(clearing throat and putting on a cikgu garang face) jalan-jalan jugak, menulis jangan stop!!

(ha ha other comments so lovey dovey, mine garang huh. marah2 sayang :)

Mama Rock said...

you sure have been around...nice pictures...errr, after all those travelling, can retire to the cosy living room :)

Izhal said...

nasib baik ada kamera, kalo idak tak percaya orang...

nice piccas, good composition, excelent exposure

anggerik merah said...


Thanks for sharing abt Bali

yes...very beautiful..
Alhamdullilah. Tq. Wish you are fine too.. Visited yr recent N3 but cud not place comment.
Bunga rampai,

sewangi bunga rampai juga..Semuga sihat sejahtera.


oohh dear... I need the marah2 and muka garang cikgu type to push me...:-)


mama rock,

honestly, I seldom retire at that cozy place. It is only I have visitor. Normally I will collapse on the sofa at TV area..



yes... a proof of life time. Will not visit some of these place if not for work. Not rich enough to spend for travelling to those part of the world..