Friday, March 20, 2009

Perfect storm?

It is this moment again when too many things came in at the same time. Really testing durability, resiliant etc etc...

Perfect storm? Riding perfect storm...surviving perfect storm... rising from perfect storm... It is so much inline with the 2 days forum I attended.

I am on the jet plane again... another faraway land to reach..

March 22, 2009
3:17 pm


Izhal said...

harap2 takde perfect storm masa naik kapal terbang... selamat pergi selamat balik, amin...

Mama Rock said...

AM, have a safe trip. errrr, did you manage the spa over school holidays?

Nong said...

It'll be a good clear day after a perfect storm. have a pleasant journey.

Take care...

anggerik merah said...


ada jugak perfect storm while in the plane...but I slept most of the time esp from KLIA to Heathrow.

yes I did...what a bliss..

Kak Nong,

Thank you. Sometimes good to be away from perfect storm to see how to solve it.